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Story Filler I: Nehemia Skaalbjorn

Started by Nehemia
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"Come with me." She said as she grabbed my hand and squeezed it with all her strength, which wasn't much.. But it made me warm, as we rushed our foot steps from the courtyard into the beautiful, large garden where every vividness of color turned into harmonious gold. There we sat on a bench as I stared into those emerald eyes, the silky brown hair and the flocks that gently flowed along the mid-days wind. And that cleav-

Dunmer: "One of your wenches again, Nehemia?"
Nehemia: "- I am trying to be serious here."
Dunmer: "Sure, it just sounds like you're about to marry a whore, maybe you will... Some day."
Nehemia: "-. . . . "
Dunmer: "You do know that merchants daughters aren't that much of a better option?"
Nehemia: "- This one is different."
Dunmer: "So, she is a wench?"

The group of three bursts into laughter in the round tavern table, laughing at Nehemia who keeps his eyes focused on his keg of ale, rolling its bottom around the old wood and its cracks soaked from the split mead. After the the cackle is starting to slowly settle, Nehemia continues.

"I have never met a woman like that."
Dunmer: "- I have."

And the group bursts into laughter, again. Nehemia gives the Dunmer who is picking him off a glare and points at the Dunmer with his finger. "I bet all of you would understand better if you met her." On his left, the Nord joins the discussion:

Nord: "Well, the good thing about whores is that when you marry one, at least everyone knows what she'll be like."

Dunmer, still attempting recover from previous bursts of merry smacks his hand on the table repeatedly as he laughs, Nehemia is shaking his head grinning with a cheerful look on his face. The Nord continues his annoying laugh as the Argonian still appears slightly puzzled.

"Talking about me, are we, boys?"

As Nehemia freezes, the laughter of others freezes with him. The Nord coughs as the three stare at the woman behind Nehemia. Nehemia slowly turns his head to look at the Shield-Maiden behind him. There was a consensus among the four, she was stunning. Nehemias eyes turn into shine of apologizing puppy of a dog and replies with faint, stuttering "Yes."

The Shield-Maiden sighs deep, unsheathes her mace and swings it to the right, smacking Nehemia from his stool and blacking him out immediately. The Nord, Dunmer & Argonian drop their jaws as the Shield-Maiden grabs fainted Nehemia from his shirts collar and drags him out of the tavern.

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