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Suggestions for Stamina builds (Looking for feedback)

Started by Xnemesis
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I think these changes should be put in the game to help with stamina builds. Long read but lots of good ideas that would help IMO. I also showed casters some love with the crit passive :P

1) I think med armor should have a 2 point passive that gives you stamina, Magicka, and a boost to in combat stamina regen if you successfully dodge or block a heavy attack.

2) Light armor 2 point passive could just give a 50-100% crit on next attack after a successful dodge or block of a heavy attack. Call it retaliate.

3) While heavy armor gets some Health, Stamina, Magicka, and in combat regen boost of health and stamina after a successful dodge or block of a heavy attack.

4) drastically lower the cost of sprinting and sneaking. Reduce the cost of dodging, blocking, and CC break and have them cost Stamina and Magicka REGEN stat. It would replenish over time in long battles or it will automatically return to your full amount after combat ends.

5) Change armor caps based on armor type.
650 on light armor, 1300 for medium armor, and 2000 for heavy (Numbers are just examples by the way, actual amounts would need to be tested)

6) Spell resist needs to be changed per armor type.
1500 on light, 750 on medium, and 500 on heavy (Numbers are just examples by the way, actual amounts would need to be tested)
(Shield will have a passive that increases this and physical armor to make heavy armor tanks the best choice)

7) Increase the light and heavy damage of all stamina based weapons. Drastically increase melee weapon damage. Also increase stamina abilities damage.

8) Fix attack speed armor passives, ability buffs, and weapon traits for all ranged weapons. As it stands right now we should be able to fire arrows and magic quite quickly, however that is just not the case.

9) Make bows fire when you fully charge a heavy attack similar to staves. It is hard for us to judge just how long it takes to get full damage from a heavy attack. Even more so when we have attack speed passive from medium armor, weighted trait, and haste (assuming they fix haste for heavy attacks).

10) Make abilities scale of whichever resource is the higher one. This would allow all abilities to be used with effectiveness regardless of which resource is required to cast it. Solves a ton of issues and opens the door to different builds. (This is probably the change I want to see made the most as well as the armor passives)

If you disagree with some changes please don't flame me. I am open to criticism and would like some honest feedback on the changes you like and dislike. I want to know what you would change and tweak as well. I am not perfect and sometimes suggestions need multiple sets of input so I look forward to hearing from ya.
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