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summerset isles wildlife and bestiary

Started by FFDP
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Daggerfall Covenant
Does anyone know about wildlife or bestiary on summerset isles because the only thing ive heard of is a type of bird.
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
It is only known that Altmer have bred their Flora and Fauna over Generations to perfections. What animals they have remains unknown. The only Thing known are the sunbirds, birds made of the sun. But they might be some Kind of Avatars of Auri-El, comparable to Dragons, the Avatars of Akatosh/Alduin and no real animals.

However, if you want my honest opinion: I imagine Alinor to be like Australia mixed with Hawaii and the modern Dubai Skyscraper cities, and Auridon to be like New Zealand.

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The isles only has one creature and it's disgusting, twisted, scum. Altmer. :3 but in all seriousness no one knows

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