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Ta'Keen The Argonian

Started by LucidCow
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Firstname - Ta'Keen - 'Hunts-In-Shadows'

Surname - None as Argonian

Title - None

Sex - Male

Race - Argonian

Age - 36

Occupation - Ex-Mercenary, Assassin, Ebonheart Pact Nightblade
Faction - Ebonheary Pact, Dark Brotherhood

Appearance - A little over average height, black scaly skin, two large horns at the back of the head, with several smaller horns at the back of the jaw.

Personality - Understanding of most situations, however a straight thinker when it comes to his Dark Brotherhood work.


Backstory (timeline) -

28th of Last Seed, 2E 547 -

Ta'keen was born in Goldenview Manor. Manor is quite an exaggeration though as it was actually a 4x8m shack. But Goldenview was naught a lie. Ta'keen and his family had an amazing sun-rise view to gaze at every morning. The view was so magnificent that on some occasions artists would even ask if they could stay outside so that they might paint a picture. Ta'keen's father was known as Talen-Nur, a hunter and his mother Deejah, an alchemist.

13th of Sun's Dusk, 2E 555 -

As the temperature plummeted down, the residents of Goldenview Manor grew ever so colder. Supplies were running short from the cities, plants were withering into tiny specs of dust and the hunt-game creatures were far asleep in the shadows. Ta'keen's mother Deejah had fallen sick with Blood lung and could not move out of the house. It had fallen down to Ta'keen and his father to supply for the family. The whole day, Talen-Nur taught his son the basics of being a good hunter and with time the two of them gathered enough food to feed the family until spring came around. As a result, Ta'keen was finally named. The english translation being Hunts-In-Shadows.

21st of Second Seed, 2E 562 -

Ta'keen and his father set out on their weekly hunting trip. Ta'keen's skills had now been sharpened to an apprentice level. These skills included archery and sneaking from his father and Herbalism and Alchemy from his mother. At dusk on the hunting trip, Ta'keen and Talen-Nur spotted a great deal of smoke arising near to Goldenview Manor. Realizing the possible causes and outcomes, the two of them sprinted home. What they found was mind shattering. Goldenview had been burning to a crisp at their arrival, the culprits were two High Elven Merchants from The Summerset Isle. Full of rage, Ta'keen fired two arrows into their yellow skulls and with his father, broke his way into Goldenview, only to find Deejah's charred black body. Talen-Nur searched the Merchant's bodies and found a command letter from the High Elven Army. It turns out that the two merchant's were actually undercover High Elven Scouts, ordered to sail along the coast of Blackmarsh and kill Argonians in an attempt to indirectly induce war between the two races. As Ta'keen collapsed to the floor in a storm of rage and sadness, the two Argonians realized that they should keep the letter a secret in order to keep the peace, and should also not stay and dwell on Deejah's death. Gathering what they could including Deejah's body, they left their shack and headed to the nearby city: Lilmoth.

3rd of Midyear, 2E 562 -

The funeral of Deejah occurred this day. Ta'keen, his father, and the family friend Yinzan and his son Derkeethus attended. After the funeral the two spoke of where their lives were going in the future. Yunzan and Derkeethus mentioned they were moving to Windhelm in Skyrim, and Talen-Nur decided on moving to Stormhold in the North of Blackmarsh.

16th of Midyear, 2E 562 -

Ta'keen and his father arrived in Stormhold, where they purchased a small hovel by the west walls of the city. Things soon became hard in Stormhold though, as the two Argonians realized city work was not their specialty. Ta'keen got a job working market stalls in the day, and fighting in the sewer mini-arena at night, where he picked up skill on small blades. Talen-Nur's job was not known to Ta'keen at the time, but money did come in. On a few occasions, Ta'keen saw hooded men with a distinctive black hand printed on their armor, talking to his father.

7th of Morning Star, 2E 566 -

On this night Ta'keen had noticed that his father was not home on the usual time, this was not a rare occasion though, so he decided to head down to the local tavern for a mug of ale. Upon arriving home, however, Ta'keen walked in to find his father holding a stab wound, lying by the fireplace. Talen-Nur would not explain how such a thing happened, but he did admit that he would soon die. Ta'keen and Talen-Nur spent his final moments together reminiscing about happier times, and then he died. Heartbroken, Ta'keen soon came to realize that he had no-one else left in his life. No-one else but the family friends who moved to Skyrim years back. Ta'keens next few weeks were spent in sorrow, rendering him unable to live normal life. Eventually Ta'keen decided to seek out his last friends, and headed to Skyrim.

18th of Frostfall, 2E 566 -

After a hard journey Ta'keen finally made it to Windhelm. Looking for Yinzan and his son, a tavern keeper informed him of their move to the nearby village of Darkwater Crossing. When Ta'keen arrived in the village, the locals told him of his Yinzan's death, and Derkeethus' disappearance. Ta'keen ventured to Derkeethus' last known location, and stumbles across a hidden cave in the mountains where he soon rescues his friend from a band of Falmer (yes this is a quest in Skyrim, lololol - When the two return to Darkwater Crossing, they both confer about their lives up to the present, and Derkeethus gets Ta'keen a job in the local mines and a bed at his house.

10th of Sun's Dawn, 2E 567 -

On this night, after a hard day of labor the two Argonian friends are exhausted. At the end of a lengthily chat about possible 'more exciting jobs' that Skyrim had to offer, Ta'keen and Derkeethus agree on starting Mercenary work.

24th of Midyear, 2E 574 -

Ta'keen and Derkeethus had been having a hard year in terms of cash flow so far. In an attempt to find work, the Argonian's traveled to the city of Whiterun, where they came across the Wealthy family clan: Battle-Born. The family leader Sjard offered them an extremely dangerous venture into Mzulft, a Dwemer ruin they believed held the key to the disappearance of said race. At first, both Argonian's were reluctant to accept, but after thinking about their odds of work with such high pay, they had no choice.

2nd of Sun's Height, 2E 574 -

The venture had turned sideways. With the entrance now blocked off by countless Dwemer machines, Ta'keen, Derkeethus, Sjard and his two sons had come to the only exit which was guarded by a Dwarven Centurion. Near the end of the battle with the machine monster, it dawned on the party that death was sure to be the answer for all of them. Ta'keen spotted the exit unguarded, however, and lead Derkeethus on to the way. Seeing the escape attempt, Sjard followed after the two Argonian's, screaming that leaving would mean the Battle-Born's certain death. Ta'keen looked back on the struggling Nord's, lowered his head in shame and then left them for death.

14th of Sun's Height, 2E 574 -

Ta'keen and Derkeethus arrived back in Whiterun. When they headed to the Tavern to begin informing the cities people of the Battle-Born men's fate, they were instead met by Sjard himself, angry and bloodied. He stated that he did not wash so that he may get the two Argonian traitor's blood mixed with his own in revenge for his lost sons. With that Ta'keen and Derkeethus fled the city, defending themselves from Sjard until the guards came. Frightened that they were now being hunted by one of the most powerful families in Skyrim, Ta'keen and Derkeethus agreed that they should move out of the country and into Cyrodiil to offer their Mercenary work.

21st of Sun's Height, 2E 574 -

In a camp they had set up, the two Argonians were almost out of Skyrim. Though, on that night when darkness fell, Sjard buried his axe into Derkeethus' skull. The loud crack woke Ta'keen. Laying his eyes upon his only friend, dead and bleeding, he launched himself at Sjard. Out of the shadows came Nordic warriors ready for a fight, and so Ta'keen had to flee once more, leaving the possibility of killing Sjard. An hour later, the Nord's went out of sight and Ta'keen had made it away. Saddened for a third time by yet another loss, he decided that he would head home to live with the hist, alone for the remainder of his life, so that he may never have to suffer the same pain again.

25th of Sun's Dusk, 2E 574 -

At his stay in the Cheydinhal, Ta'keen was woken in the night by a mysterious black figure. The figure speaks of Ta'keen's father, a brotherhood, and his conflict with Sjard. Before things fade black the name Sithis is uttered. When Ta'keen wakes again he is in a brick room located underground. Standing in front of him is a man in the same armor he use to see people wearing near his father many years ago. The man has his face hidden, but explains the reason for Ta'keen's fathers death. According to the man, Talen-Nur was recruited into the Dark Brotherhood assassin guild shortly after he moved into Stormhold, when he shot an arrow into a thief's throat for stealing his gold. Turns out this man was actually a Dark Brotherhood contract. As Talen-Nur demonstrated a decent skill in archery, and wasn't afraid of killing, he was offered a place into the elite guild. Talen-Nur's death was related to a contract he was given - the assassination of Sjard Battle-Born! But the job turned sour, and Sjard stabbed Talen-Nur through the chest. Talen-Nur was a Master-Assassin within the guild, and so after his death the Dark Brotherhood sent people to spy on Ta'keen and see if he posses the same amount of skill. Observing Ta'keen's Mercenary work, this became obvious that he was near the same level as his father but what really caught their eye was when he gained hatred from Sjard. Sjard was kept as a long standing contract because of generated fear after Talen-Nur's failure and so the Dark Brotherhood decided to offer it to Ta'keen if he chose to join as they knew he'd want to fulfill it. It was no secret that Ta'keen was alone in the world, it seemed that this 'Dark Brotherhood' was the closet thing to friends and family he had left. This combined with his hatred toward Sjard was enough for him to accept. When the words were spoken the man sent Ta'keen on his way to kill Sjard.

1st of Rain's Hand, 2E 575 -

The Sjard contract was carried out and complete. Afterwards Ta'keen returned to the Cyrodill Dark Brother Sanctuary to claim his reward. Now with his father's and Derkeethus' deaths revenged, Ta'keen was sent to the Blackmarsh Sanctuary to live the life his father once did.

1st of Morning Star, 2E 583 -

Now with years spent in the Dark Brotherhood, Ta'keen finally felt he had a place back in the world, and when the word of war became news to all, Ta'keen remembered where all of his sorrow had started. With the two High Elven Scouts in his mind, Ta'keen enlisted into the Ebonheart Pact, so he could get revenge on the race he hated the most. For the next few years Ta'keen would fight a war between 3 massive armies and also silence all who his new father, Sithis, deemed worthy.


Best Memory - Being named

Worst Memory - The death of his father

Skills - Archery, Sneak, Small Blades, Herbalism, Alchemy

Challenges for the Character - Getting to know and love a person, and then trusting they'll stay

Birthsign - The Shadow

Religious Views - Supremacy of Sithis

Political Views - Victory for the Ebonheart Pact

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