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Talas Bluehollow

Started by Arvel the Swift
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First name: Talas
Surname: Bluehollow
Title: Talas the Quick
Sex: Male
Race: Bosmer
Age: 25
Occupation: Fisherman
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Appearance: Talas has long white hair that he keeps in a ponytail and a beard which he keeps in a knot so as not to get in his way. He stands at a mere 4'5 and is quite small in stature. He has a scar over his right eye and his left ear cut of at the very top. His skin is a darker shade of white almost to the point where he looks like a Dunmer. His left eye is green like an emerald while his right eye is completely white. His face is slightly wrinkled due to stress but looking at him you could see a certain friendliness.
Personality: He is friendly most of the time but has occasional violent tendencies. He keeps a skeptical outlook on most things in life tending not to trust them. Due to events in his past he harbours great anger towards Orcs and Nords.
Social Background/Backstory: Talas was born in an elven environment and was raised mostly around other Bosmer as well as Altmer. He never really saw to many other raises other than the occasional Khajiit merchant. His mother died at an early age and his father had been killed by bandit Nords. When he had grown old enough to got out on his own he had been kidnapped by a small group of bandits that consisted mainly of Nords and Orcs. He received his scar after being attacked by one of his captors for trying to escape causing him to go blind in his right eye. One day he was given the opportunity to escape so he ran as fast as he could without stopping until he reached the nearest town. After he had reached the town he had collapsed from exhaustion and was awoken three days later in an inn and from that day on people started to call him Talas the Quick. He still harbours anger towards Nords and Orcs.
Best Memory: Feeling the breeze of the wind after being held captive for three years.
Worst Memory: Having his eye being slashed.
Skills: Sneak, Security, Speech, Light Armor
Challenges for the Character: He wishes to get past his anger for the Nords and Orcs and after that he wishes to become a ranking member in the thieves guild.
Birthsign: The Serpent
Religious views: Talas actively worships and prays to Hermaeus Mora as well as Nocturnal. He believes that daedra worship bears far more results than worshiping the nine divine.
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
An interesting bio, I especially like how you said he's a fisherman and how he's half blind.

One thing I'd like to point out though is how young 25 is for an elf, I mean by elven standards 100 is still pretty young.

Another thing though is that he was captured by bandits, bandits seldom take prisoners and when they do it's either because they could be useful or they can sell them for a ransom but that wouldn't be for three years.

Lastly the Dunmer aren't anywhere close to having white skin, they're skin is the colour of ash and sometimes even blueish in colour so I'm a bit confused when you say his skin is almost as white as a Dunmer's.

The Kynaran Order
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I am not very up-to-date with how aging works for elves. It looked whitish to me. I suppose the bandit thing may be a bit unrealistic but it develops character.
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