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Started by Tarantadu
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- Taran -

[Image: tumblr_mme9ppreHl1rav193o1_1280.png]

Name: Taran
Race: Redguard
Sex: Male
Age: 41
Height: 5"10
Weight: 133 lbs.
Body type: Lean and slender build.
Weapons: Spear, scimitar, jambiya and a round iron shield.
Armor: Scale mail, scale leggings and iron knee plates.

Taran seem to not care about anything but gold and glory. A man without honor, loyal to no one but is well known, respected and feared all over Tamriel.

A proficient warrior and a charismatic leader, he leads a small group of mercenaries and takes assignments or contracts from anyone regardless of their race or faction as long as the price is right.

A master of psychological warfare, known to strike fear and terror in his targets and their associates. Executes his missions explicitly, he ensures that the victims are aware of the inevitable. Taran prefers to attack during public events or gathering, the more sets of eyes to witness his actions the better.

The great king is under Taran's protection in exchange for a generous salary. King Emeric is well aware that he is being manipulated and intimidated by Taran but his majesty will not take any chances as he fears regicide from within. He continues to satisfy Taran's demands believing that having the Redguard under his command is a valuable asset to his kingdom and keeps Daggerfall Covenant's opposition at bay.

Taran wears trophies from the generals and commanders he defeated. He is known to mark the trophies with an "X" using his scimitar then pours the fallen leader's blood between the cracks.

Taran and his companions under conflict in Cyrodiil

[Image: esograyscale.png]
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Nice work, @Tarantadu !

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