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Tarkil Indoril

Started by Tarkil Indoril
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This is mainly a test character, as I've never fully written a character sheet before. The main idea for my writing and subsequent posting of this is so I can get feedback and criticisms concerning what I did wrong.

This being said, I've also never made a real attempt at roleplaying before, as TESO will be the first MMO that I've tried to role-play in. Should I become knowledgeable enough and feel comfortable with it I will attempt to act in a few roleplays on these forums to get an idea of what I'm doing.

Name: Tarkil Indoril
Race: Dunmer
Age: 164 (Born on the 19th of Second Seed, 2E419.)
Origin: Near Mournhold, Morrowind
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 159
Birthsign: The Shadow
Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral, based upon the idea of honour being precedent.
Relatives: Phranas Indoril, Father. Valandri Indoril, Mother. Arondur Indoril, Brother.
Occupation: Ex-Assassin for House Indoril

Appearance: His gaunt and angular face is worn and aged, his ash-toned grey skin showing the signs of seeing a great deal of combat and many seasons past. His brilliant crimson eyes appear cold, distant, and analyzing. His well-kept goatee and black short cut hair stand out yet appear uniform.

Tarkil is has few outstanding physical characteristics, having nondescript height and weight when compared to other Dunmer. Although, his stance is taut and alert, giving the impression that he is watching the corners and scanning escape routes, rather than concentrating on what you are saying. This unnerves some, even before he analyzes them with his cold eyes.

He wears a well-traveled set of armor of Dunmer make, a medium armor consisting of blackened Netch leather overset by plates of sandy Chitin plates. The plates are well-worn and battle-scarred, while the leather is in relatively good shape.

Around his throat on a necklace he bears three vials of Dunmeri ash, each containing an minute amount of the ash of his lost kin. Around his waist a Netch leather scabbard, containing his silver shortsword engraved with Daedric runes but containing no other elegance in form. On his right hit he carries a small Chitin dagger.

Religious point of view: Although he tends to leave the religious and moral implications and applications of the world to others, Tarkil is a firm supporter of the Tribunal, and an even greater supporter of the Daedric worship of Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah. He does not partake in ancestor worship, as it reminds him of things he'd rather forget.

Political point of view: Patriotic for House Indoril, but rarely acts within or concerns himself with machinations of politics. Forever the pragmatic, Tarkil's interests lies with the causes and effects, but not about the political posturing or debates.

Moral point of view: Tarkil believes that honour and logic take precedence over morals and the debates concerning morals. While he prefers that the world be benefited by his actions, he'll do what few morally correct persons are willing to do should it be required of him.

Prefers: Honour, logic, goals

Anathema: Dishonour, disloyalty, pointless violence

Personality: After what has happened to him all those years ago, Tarkil was never the same. He grew paranoid, watching for weaknesses and fear in others. He also grew bitter, at the world, other people, and himself most of all. The greatest symptoms of this inner turmoil is his thorough analyzation of people and their motives, his brutally honest and impatient demeanor, and his drive for self-betterment, generally in the form of honor.

Backround: Born and raised near Mournhold to middle-class members of House Indoril, Tarkil Indoril is a loyal member of the Great House he was born into. Since youth he had a fascination with both magic and combat, the former bringing his parents great joy, and the latter bringing them fear for his future safety. As he grew his skills in magic grew, pleasing his parents, his skills with the blade grew as well, as he sparred with his younger brother Arondur. His parents suspected much but knew little.

As his years went by, he practiced his skills more openly. His parents weren't fond of it, but what else could they do? When he announced his intentions to work as an assassin for his house in 2E434, they were not fond of the prospect, but allowed him to take his leave.

Working as an assassin went relatively smoothly for Tarkil, able to work for House Indoril and practice the skills he cherished fondly, along with being taught a good number of skills he wasn't familiar with beforehand. He was not proud of murder, but he did what he felt had to be done.

During a standard writ against a House Hlaalu nobleman, the nobleman's son, not much younger than Tarkil was, walked into the room as Tarkil did the deed he was sent to do. Enraged, the son came at him with his father's sword but Tarkil could not bring himself to wound him. Tarkil escaped by a small margin, while the nobleman's son vowed to avenge his father's death.

Life went well for Tarkil. He was paid well enough and respected by the few who knew his deeds. The job he possessed as an assassin was neither glorious or prestigious, but it was work that had to be done. For the good of House Indoril, he told himself. In some dark place in his heart, Tarkil enjoyed it as well.

Years later, his parents died in the night, discovered dead in their house by Tarkil's brother, Arondur. Arondur sent a message summoning Tarkil to their parents home, while yet Tarkil had not yet heard the news of his parent's demise. His brother confronted him, blaming him for bringing the death of their parents. Why else would an assassin murder two unimportant middle-class members of House Indoril? Consumed by rage, Arondur struck out against his kin with a sword of his own make. As they fought in the yard of their family home, just as they sparred in childhood with wooden toys, Tarkil slew his only surviving kin to defend his own life.

Loathing himself, Tarkil cremated the bodies as per Dunmer tradition, and placed them in the ancestral tomb. Recognizing the cruel irony that life placed upon him, Tarkil mourned the death of his kin. As he wandered in his ancestral home, Tarkil greatly desired to know who set this chain of events into motion. He killed many over the years, but rarely was he seen and never well enough to be identified. The revelation dawned slowly; it was the son of the Hlaalu nobleman. The one he couldn't bring himself to kill.

Tarkil broke under his guilt, in his mourning he could no longer bear his suffering. To this end he reformed himself, came out a less kind being. One no longer haunted by morals or the grim vestiges of innocence, and the horror with which he is burdened. He dedicated himself to honor, logic, justification, and prayer to his gods, for no clear goal other than distraction from his sins.

Tarkil stopped performing his services to his house and wandered Morrowind, watching and waiting for his fateful final encounter with the one who ended his life as he knew it. Tarkil never found him, and vice-versa. As greedy war reared its ugly head, Tarkil saw a newfound hope to regain his honor. Although Tarkil still waits, he knows the game isn't up. When the time comes for the Tarkil and his barely-known nemesis to finally meet at last, he will do what has to be done.

• Physical: Silver Shortsword, Chitin Dagger , Weaponless (Hand to Hand), Acrobatics
• Magickal: Skilled in Illusion and Alteration, less so in Destruction and Restoration.
• Defense: Netch Leather armor overlaid with plates of Chitin in vital spots. Sometimes utilizes a Chitin buckler shield in his left hand as opposed to spells.
• Skills: Coercion, Stealth, Perception

• Choosing to either overcome his guilt over the death of his kin, or to bury his old conscience to the point of no return.
• Misanthropy, inability to work well with others due to his honesty and lack of guile.
• Finding the one who killed his parents and led to the death of his brother.

Some points of interest I didn't bring up but, if I wrote stories about Tarkil, they would. I mention these so I can get criticism on these long-term ideas as well as the main character and my writing style that I used to describe said character.
• First and foremost the stories would be to some degree dark in nature, the protagonist contemplating suicide, the antagonist actually being a victim instead of an aggressor, et cetera. Happy ending isn't likely.
• The 3 vials around his neck would eventually become very, very, symbolic. Eventually culminating into him deciding to throw the vials away, or to keep them, symbolically referring to his choice between getting over his guilt and moving on or burying his feelings altogether, becoming an unfeeling automaton.
• Tarkil's brother, Anondur Indoril, was a blacksmith for House Indoril, the silver sword Tarkil wields was forged by his brother, as a peace offering because they didn't get along.
• Also, I planned to add either full stories or small pieces interjected into Tarkil's stories from the point of view of the now-mature Hlaalu warrior, hunting the mer who slew his father as he slept. Likely culminating into a emotionally charged grandiose duel to the death. If I felt in a really dark mood, both would die horribly.

Again, did anything feel off to you? Some lore that I did not take into account? Do not hesitate, I'm here to learn after all. I know his character is a bit unrealistic, having suffering loss and guilt that makes him more stable and logical isn't likely to happen, but it was my first try.

Duran Vaynas
Absit Invidia
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First off, people respond to things like the loss of kin in different ways. That he prefers logic and dispassionate rationality over emotions is perfectly feasible given that his emotions were not pleasant.

Secondly, an interesting character. I do enjoy logical, reasonable characters, he almost seems academic and scholarly in his thinking, cause, effect, analysis. Very clinical, very much as I imagine an assassin would be. Its not really about ninjas and flying kicks, but preparation and execution. For a first bio, its really very good. I look forwards to any stories you have planned about him.

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Well, nice backgroundstory, but one or two things aren´t correct:

Firstly: The great houses don´t have assassins of their own. Especially the house Indoril - which is very orthodox - wouldn´t sent their own members to assassinate their enemies. All political rivals are eliminated by the Morag Tong, a organization beyond the houses, doing assassinations to keep the peace amongst the houses. Old Dunmer traditions to avoid war between the houses. The Morag Tong assassins are used oftenly and by all houses to the same degree.

Secondly: To be killed by an assassin - to a Dunmer - is the one of the most honourable deaths. And puplic assassinations are widespread in this manner. So the son of the noble man - or Tarkil´s brother - would be shocked, of course, to see his father/parents being killed. But in the end he would be "proud" about his father/parents being so important that an assassin ended his/their life/lives. (More enemies = more honour) So there is never revenge done to an assassin, especially not to a Morag Tong one.

Well, it´s all a neat story, but it isn´t in Lore.

Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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Thank you for your confirmation, Thorfinn.

I knew that generally the Morag Tong were the mediators, but I couldn't find a loophole that allowed him to be both Morag Tong and only loyal to house Indoril. This being the case, I decided to see if I could get away with the small mentions of what sounds like house members that work for the house in clandestine things such as this.

I didn't know that this was the case, and will honestly ruin the character lore wise. I thank you for pointing this out.
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Duran Vaynas
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