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Tasardur The Tactician

Started by CharlesPatrick92
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Name: Tasardur but close friends and family call him Tasa.

Race: Bosmer

Age: 67

Occupation: Trap Maker/ Hunter

Family: Valan (Father), Maryll (Mother), Legan (older brother)

Appearance: Tasa is around 5'5" the average height for a Bosmer and 135lbs. He is slender and very agile. He has long blond hair tied back, very short and scruffy chin hair and he always has traces of dirt on his face, he just can't stay clean.

Hobbies: He loves to make traps, and make tactical maps of Valenwood to keep enemies out and he likes to ride elk through the woods which makes him feel so alive.

Personality: The village people would probably describe Tasardur as comical, he's a bit of a prankster but can kill if he must.

Companion: Farendel

Description: Tasardur has always been the troublemaker in his village, from dumping water on people's heads to riding a wild bear into town he is well known. He looks up to his older brother Legan, those two together could be the best duo hunters if they would just get along. They get in fist fights all the time, when you look at Tasa you can see his top right tooth its chipped due to Legan. Legan is a master hunter who can take down a cave bear with just one arrow..literally just one arrow, no bow needed. He supports the Aldmeri Dominion to the fullest. Tasa is a young explorer who is ready to take on the world and any task thrown in his way.

I know it's not detailed enough, it's my first time making a bio.
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I would put more detail in his appearance and background. I would also talk about your character's strengths and weaknesses.

You do have a good start and keep working on it :)!

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