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Tathelis, Soldier of the Dominion

Started by Lurgahk
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Firstname - Tathelis
Surname - None
Title - N/A
Sex - Male
Race - Altmer
Age - 142 (Born on Fredas, 6th day of Mid Year, 2E 436)
Occupation - A common soldier among the Aldmeri Dominion's ranks.
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance - Tathelis of average height for an Altmer, yet like the rest of his kind, he towers over most races of man and mer, such as the Bretons and Bosmer. His skin pigment is that of a harshly dark-colored gold. His complexion however resembles that of a young adult, on the verge of becoming middle-aged, with slight wrinkles and crow's feet beginning to appear on his face.

His hair is dark blonde and reaches down to his upper back, very compatible to his skin color, and can be appealing to the eye. He ties it into a pony tail on the back of his head, while also weaving two long strands of hair on the side of his face. His eyes are of average size, the shape of almonds and are a soft yellow. At the most his facial hair becomes a slight rough, but often never grows into a beard. He believes the lack of facial hair helps establish a sense of civility and intelligence when he first encounters strangers.

Like many of his race, he dreams of appearing identical to that of his Aldmeri ancestors, and strives to do his very best in retaining these distinguishable traits. This is not to say that he is not without cosmetic flaws, however. He has a three scars on his face, two above his left eye, and one on his right cheek. The tips of his left and right ear also seems to crumple downward at an awkward angle towards the front of his body.

His physique is unusually impressive for an Altmer, boasting bulging biceps and a large torso. It is something that Tathelis certainly takes pride in, however after decades of intense training, it is something to be expected. He prefers to wear glorious plate armor over his entire body, partially for the protection, but also due to the fact that it simply looks fantastic.

Personality - In a very short summary, Tathelis pictures himself as the shining white knight who saves the kingdom from the monstrous enemies who have come to destroy it. He plays into the very stereotypical Altmer, at least regarding arrogance. He often treats some of the other younger races, (especially the races of man) as children, often laughing at their mistakes. The only races he even considers categorizing as equals are the races of mer, and even then there are exceptions. The Orsimer of the Wrothgarian Mountains are one such exception.

Underneath the ignorance that practically radiates from his body, there is an underlying thirst for combat. He enjoys the clashing of steel, and the screams of blades cutting into one another. Although some of his kind actually insult the races of man for their war-mongering nature, it is perhaps the one thing Tathelis admires about them. He is impressed by how quickly such a short-lived race is able to utilize strategic information in battles. This is where is admiration for the races of man end, however. He particularly despises any Imperial he come across, whether they were a soldier of the Legion does not matter to him. He blames them for the crisis Tamriel has undergone, and rightfully so.

Despite his foolish ideals and morals, he has an unwavering love for the Aldmeri Dominion and shows no mercy to those who would oppose them. A smile almost always appears on his face, and a gleam in his eye, when he spots the golden banner of the Dominion flapping boldly in the wind. He'd do absolutely anything for the Aldmeri Dominion and his people. Whether it be immoral or not, he'd do it without hesitation for the greater good. If he were given the option of desecrating an entire town filled with hundreds of Khajiit to obtain valuable battle plans as to the strategies of the other armies, I'd be lying if I said he wouldn't let the Khajiit burn.

Tathelis is fairly intelligent, like most Altmer, but often it is hidden by the massive cloak of impulsiveness that overtakes any sense of wisdom he once had. He'd rush headfirst into a seemingly empty castle, only to find out that hundreds of Nordic soldiers were waiting inside. Despite all of his flaws and misplaced ideals, he views himself as the epitome of what a hero is and what all others should compare themselves to.

Social Background/Backstory - (Written in Tathelis' perspective.)

"Let's see... I was born in the city of Firsthold, in Auridon of course. A grand city, filled with beautiful flora and magnificent sights. I remember as a child I'd climb a tall rock somewhere, early in the morning and watch the radiant Sun kiss the horizon, turning the sky a beautiful crimson. Ahh... Yes... Anyway, where was I? Oh! Yes! Of course!

I was born an only child under my mother, Serisla and my father, Torelion. Mother was a gentle soul, very soft-spoken, but she cherished my life more than anything else in Mundus. At least... She made it seem that way. She was but a simple enchanter who worked on extracting the magical properties from runes and latching them onto to robes or other things of that nature. I often wondered why someone as meek as my mother could ever fall in love with someone like my father. Unlike her, father was a passionate and hardy man, his jaw opening and closing as fast as the door to a shop, always spewing out humorous jokes, some even at the expense of those he interacted with that day. Father was a blacksmith, and took great pride in his work. Sometimes he'd even bring his creations home with him to show them off to mother and I, and it was something that I always loved about him. I'd sit there for hours, simply looking at the beautiful metal epaulets he'd fashioned that day, but I took most delight in inspecting the helmets. Their intricate design could fascinate me for days on end.

As child, I don't recall having too many close friends. The ones I did have faded after I was removed from the training program. To be quite honest, I found magic a bit boring and I still do to this day. I mean sure, you can throw a spell here, summon a Dremora there, set a person on fire, but what's the enjoyment in that? I'd rather pierce the heart of my enemies with a blade, while I watch as the life fades from their eyes... That was rather morbid wasn't it? Oh well...

Like a majority of me people, we were all taught at least the most basic forms of magic, the first being Restoration. In fact, like I stated before, I was removed from the program only after I'd begun learning about the more complex spells of Restoration magic. I was removed because I'd spoken to my family for many weeks, telling them that it simply wasn't that interesting to me, and that magic just wasn't what I meant to do. After I began reaching maturity, I grew insecure with how frail and small my body actually was and as a result, I began doing daily physical exercises to gain muscle mass.

When I finally reached adulthood, I began working with my father as a smith. I often helped him create beautiful pieces of armor and weaponry that any soldier would be obliged to call their own. After many years of working with my father, I signed up to become a recruit in the King's Hidellith's army... I believe it was around second era, five-hundred and one, when I finally became a realized soldier of his army. Unfortunately it was a peace time then, and we only had to deal with the rare bandit raids which barely ever happened since we lived on an island. As I left swayed from my father's footsteps, he gave me a golden girdle, standard for many guards in Auridon. I'd always cherish it and use it to remind myself of what I'd sworn to protect as I joined the King's forces.

A majority of the time, I was stationed as a guard which, let me tell you, is not as boring as it sounds. You see some very strange people pass by, and it's definitely a struggle to keep an intimidating straight face when you see a Bosmer with little to no clothes on, and antlers poking out of his skull, baffled by why the citizens surrounding him are looking at him so strangely.

I remember when Queen Ayrenn was born, and all of my people rejoiced at having such an inspirational event happen. It was a moment that will be written down in history, that is for sure. I bet there was a scribe waiting as her mother gave birth to her, to write down the exact time she escaped from the womb.

You could only imagine how devastating it was to me when she disappeared. No one knew as to her whereabouts, and no one knew if she was rotting in a grave, or sitting at the bottom of an ocean. Although we still had to Prince Naemon, he could no replace the void left behind Princess Ayrenn. It seemed that one terrible event happened after another, as not two decades passed after her disappearance, before our beloved King Hidellith passed away. I felt it was almost too much to bear, until the wondrous Queen Ayrenn returned to us to take the throne. This was just two years after the Daedra began pouring onto Nirn, trying to drag it into ColdHarbour.

I have since been fighting for Queen Ayrenn, leaving mother and father behind in Auridon so that I may combat not only the evils of Molag Bal, but to battle the greedy and ignorant armies of the Ebonheart Pact and the Daggerfall Covenant, whose leaders are both humans. We will surely win, as the races of man are too young and foolish to even have chance of standing against us."

Best Memory - Obtaining the eagle-crested, golden girdle that his father had forged.
Worst Memory - The announcement of the death of King Hidellith.
Skills - Tathelis is skilled in melee-based combat, including any type of physical weaponry such as axes, maces, greatswords, etc. However, he is particularly skilled in combat with a sword and shield, his favored weapons. He willpower is tremendous which allows him to withstand an extraordinary amount of punishment from an attacker. His intelligence also allows him to analyze, and plan situations ahead of time.
Challenges for the Character - Perhaps Tathelis' greatest weakness would be his overwhelming arrogance and his ignorance to the strengths of the other races. Due to his brashness, he often can land in petty, stupid fights that have no purpose whatsoever. He impulsiveness and eagerness can also land him in unwinnable battles against immense foes that he has no chance of defeating. He is not particularly skilled in magic, aside from a few Restoration spells that involve re-invigorating his endurance and mending minor wounds.
Birthsign - The Steed
Religious Views - Tathelis follows all of the divines in the Altmeri pantheon.
Politics Views - Tathelis obviously wishes for victory for the Aldmeri Dominion, as Tamriel itself would crumble if any of the opposing factions were to gain control of the White-Gold Tower.

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