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Te Lowe Wulfe

Started by G_Telowe
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Name: Te Lowe Wulfe 
Class: Templar 
Race: Dunmer 
Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion 
Role: Hybrid Dps and Healer
Nickname:G, The Cannibal (Obtained from The Order)
Affiliations: Assassin, Vampire
Common Title: Silencer, Bane of the Gold Coast
Responsibilities: Blood Crest Leader, Immortal Misfits Inforcer
Age: 425
Vampiric Strain/Bloodline: Nox Sanguivoria Dun-Card
Personality Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical: Standing on the tall side of average with long midnight black crest hair swept back, bone, and shell weaved in, A swallowtail goatee same color, Eyes so red you would swear blood pooled in them, Skin that is only described as void of color, Shadows veil his eyes and blood vessels that show through the skin when in the sun light.

Bio for Te Lowe Wulfe Cont':

Here, at what could be the end, I can't help but let my mind drift back to the beginning... 
I stand on the front lines of a militia, barely a thousand men, ready to fight and die to protect what is theirs. A sea of soldiers march down upon us, outnumbering us five to one easy, ready to take our homes. They deceive themselves into thinking this will be an easy battle, mistake number one. Not knowing the history of the people who you are invading, mistake number two. The Dunmer have fought to survive always. 
It was a long battle with many dead on both sides. We were able to stop the advancement of the enemy and dwindled their numbers slowly. For certain we killed more than they thought us capable, however it wasnt enough. We were over ran, the few survivors fleeing for safety. I, myself, lay face down in the mud holding my guts in with my sword as a soldier walked up and stabbed me in the back. He just walked on, leaving me for dead, continuing to stab and slice every Elven body in his path.
Just as the life started to slip from me, and my eyes became heavy, and my body cold, I heard a voice whisper to me. I'll never forget those words, "I watched you today, as you fought on the field of battle. You fought with Honor, but they do not give you a death worthy of Glory. So I shall give you a choice, die here and now and go to what ever God you choose to be of service to. Or, rise and be reborn, unleash the hate inside of you, become a Night Creature and get revenge." My reply was, well underwhelming certainly, "Who.. who are you? But yes, yes I wish to join you as a creature of the night. Just, who or what are you?" His next words remaining the strength of my resolve to this day, "I am Death, and you shall be my newest bloodline." I later came to learn his name, Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince himself. He made me a Pure-blood, making me the first of a new line of vampirism.  

Bloodline Features: Sunlight hurts our eyes but doesn't weaken or kill us. We go longer without feeding or going feral than any other known vampire bloodline, although how much of that is through rigorous mental conditioning alone is unknown. We are extremely skilled at unarmed combat but are weaker to silver than most bloodlines. We can force a subject to tell only truth and we can erase or alter short-term memories. We have a heightened six-sense as well, and vampires who are attuned to it will hear whispers from the essence of a location (ea. Forest spirit, river spirit, mountain essence, etc.) after learning to master the power. The longer we go without feeding the more physically astounding we become but also simultaneously become more feral and instinct driven. We have a unique vision that incorporates night vision, life detection, and can see on the standard light spectrum plus another light spectrum unknown to mortals. If we drink from another vampire we can obtain their knowledge, therefore their power. Also, possibly due to a bloodline trait, any vampire who sires another can summon said vampire through a mental connection and the offspring vampire feels compelled to do so. However we are not connected through a life-of-line effect, meaning one vampire being killed will not kill or reverse the change for any vampire he previously changed. We have naturally heightened speed and strength, but there are bloodlines faster and stronger. We aren't able to turn invisible but we can turn into mist that is very hard to see. We can transform into a flock of bats as well, in both forms the vampire can control every molecule of their body/water molecules/individual bats. Our bloodline believes vampirism is a gift that can be mastered and used, same as any body part or sensory impulse. Therefore we train our bodies to be the most efficient tool in our arsenal, and our minds to reduce the extreme measures of the thirst and bloodlust while maintaining both maximum efficiency and perfect control.

Tid Bits: The name Cannibal was given to me due to the fact that I only feed off of my enemies/victims while I was in the order. I still feed solely from fallen enemy combatants or vampires of a strong bloodline, unless necessary to do otherwise. And no I am not blind but I commonly cover my eyes as it does not hinder me being able to detect life forms or unlife as they may be. It also allows me to train my other senses and natural reflexes.
  ....Of all the weapons he may use from time to time there is one that never leaves his side, a treasure to him. It is a full tang knife, a little over nine inches long with five and a half of that being blade, the other three and a half handle. The handle, hand carved hickory wrapped with braided leather and has small bone accents on the pummel and guard. What made the knife so awe inspiring though was the blade. Nearly six inches of beautifully crafted trail-point obsidian having both serrates and a gut hook on the spine behind the razor sharp swage, with gold and silver inlays. The perfect blade for when you need to fight up close and personal, and has saved his life a few times. Which is why he recommends all his members have a silver weapon of some sorts on themselves at all times.

History: My family slaughtered when I was a teen caused me to live many years roaming Tamriel's far corners and dark areas. Eventually I joined a small coven, living as if we would set-a-blaze if a mortal knew of us. Then The Order came, they were after my coven master for the vampire laws he had broken. He wasn't there but they decided I would be sufficient payment. There I spent the next hundred and some odd years. The first few and the last few were the hardest by far. The first years consisted of constant training, rebuilding your mind and retraining your instincts. The middle years were mostly me traveling across all corners of tamriel, alone, carrying out "Justice" as The Order saw fit. It was the last few years though that my eyes were truly opened to the ways of The Order. So I left, not something commonly done and for a long time The Order had a kill on site order out on me, and more than one wannabe merc showed up trying to get the pay day. None ever left the mountain. Eventually they removed the hit order though, and even though they would never say it I believe it's because they tired of sacrificing members.
..... Due to being a Pure Blood I can, in a way, transform. Similar to a Vampire Lord, however instead of turn into a giant gargoyle, my transformation is different. I strip away my weaknesses by stripping away my tissue and skin, becoming only my skeleton. I become infused with power from the ancient dead of our species, and from Molag Bal himself.
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