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Tedril Tharen

Started by LucidCow
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Firstname - Tedril

Surname - Tharen

Title - None

Sex - Male

Race - Dunmer

Age - 102

Occupation - Battlemage, Dragon Knight

Faction - Ebonheart Pact, Mages Guild

Appearance - Average height, grey ponytail (no hair elsewhere), deep red eyes.

Personality - Stubborn and ruthless, Tedril follows orders as straight as possible.


Backstory (timeline) -

28th of Last Seed, 2E 481 -

Tedril was born in Sadrith Mora, Vvardenfell, Morrowind, under the Great House Telvanni. His parents, Meden (father) and Relavesa (mother) were both enthusiasts for Telvanni and as a result, quite high ranked. Through his years, Tedril picked up the skills of Destruction Magic and One handed blades. Because of this, Tedril decided to head down the route of a Sellsword.

13th of Sun's Dusk, 2E 506 -

On a mission to the Dwemer ruin Mzuleft, Telvanni members (including Tedril) are tasked with finding an artifact which holds a significant amount of magical power. Whoever finds the artifact is promised a reward and also a possible promotion. Towards the end of the trip, Tedril recovers the artifact, but then is confronted by Ivelaes Arendus, one of his Telvanni brothers, who demands the artifact for himself. When Tedril refuses, Ivelaes casts a firebolt at him. Battle commences and is later stopped by a Telvanni superior. As the rules don't object to Telvanni member fights, no punishment is issued, and Tedril is still rewarded for his discovery. Ivelaes is left with a great deal of jealousy towards Tedril and his family.

21st of Second Seed, 2E 530 -

After a successful job with House Telvanni, Tedril is promoted to the esteemed rank of Spellwright. A ceremony is held, however Tedril notices that his mother and father have both not turned up. Upon returning home, Tedril is confronted by members of the Arendus family, led by Ivelaes. Behind them lies the bloodied body of Relavesa Tharen. Ivelaes explains that his hate towards Tedril and his family is like non-other. He complains that Tedril just 'glided through' the Telvanni ranks, without a proper challenge. Ivelaes states that 'this is his challenge' and a fight breaks out which subsequently ends with the death of Ivelaes and his brothers. Left with nothing but the dead body of his mother, Tedril is able to find a note left behind by his father. The note informs Tedril that his father had to escape and find Tedril before the ceremony ends, and that his mother stayed behind to stop Ivelaes from heading after his father. The note further reads that if his father did not find Tedril at the ceremony, he would head to the city of Mournhold in southern Morrowind and meet with the other Tharen family members. Left with no other choice, Tedril heads out to find his father.

3rd of Midyear, 2E 530 -

Tedril arrived in Mournhold and found his father in his uncles house. Tedril tries to explain to Meden that he ended the threat and defeated Ivelaes, but instead Meden informs him that Ivelaes' father, Telvanni Master Hainab, was going to lead 1/3rd of the Telvanni members against the Tharen family if Ivelaes failed. The act should have been seen as treachery to the Telvanni Archmagister, however it was not stopped, leaving the Tharen's betrayed by the great house. With no goal to achieve or objective to complete, Tedril and his father were lost in the world. Eventually to gain a money income, Tedril started freelance work around Mournhold, whilst his father thought of a life plan.

16th of Midyear, 2E 532 -

After a couple years thought, it became apparent that the best course of action was with the Mages Guild. Tedril had a growing lust to advance his skills, something freelance work could simply not do, and both him and his father wanted some power back in their hands, power like what they held with the House Telvanni. Meden suggested Tedril should join and advance through the ranks of the Mages Guild to gain both magical strength and power, and because House Telvanni opposed the Mages Guild, perhaps even revenge. Unfortunately for Tedril, his father could not go on this journey with him, as his age rendered him to weak. Tedril said his goodbyes and departed for the Imperial City's Arcane University.

15th of Frostfall, 2E 556 -

Tedril's father died on this day, R.I.P. Meden Tharen

7th of Second Seed, 2E 578 -

Now with years spent in the Mages Guild, things where looking up, however when an arcane explosion of energy in the Imperial City shook the whole of Nirn, Tedril was left disorientated and lost within his mind. Unable to communicate, recall past memories or fight for himself, Tedril is abducted by a pact of Daedra and sent to the oblivion plane Coldharbour.

1st of Morning Star, 2E 583 -

After a great deal of time spent in slavery to the Deadric Prince Molag Bal, Tedril is finally able to gather back all of his lost mind. With a clear conscience, Tedril is able to plan an escape, however this was made hard as his magical skills had rusted over with his time spent in Coldharbour. Nevertheless, Tedril is able to escape the Daedric Plan, however not all is well. Because of his weakened powers, Tedril is not able to reclaim his soul from the Prince, and as a consequence, he is left as a mere shadow of his former self. When Tedril returns to civilized life, it is discovered that a war has broken out. Not being able to return to the Arcane University, Tedril heads to the Headquarters of the Morrowind Mages guild where all is explained. The Archmage of Morrowind informs him that the Ebonheart Pact are working with the Mages Guilds of Morrowind, Blackmarsh and Skyrim, and so as a result, Tedril is ordered to sign up into the alliance military where he assumes the role of a Dragon Knight. In the years to come, Tedril Tharen will fight the war between the factions, better his place within the Mages Guild and work towards regaining his soul and power.


Best Memory - Promotion to the Telvanni rank of Spellwright

Worst Memory - The betrayal of House Telvanni

Skills - Destruction Magic, One-handed (Sword)

Challenges for the Character - Understanding different viewpoints

Birthsign - The Mage

Religious Views - Follower of The Tribunal

Political Views - Victory for the Ebonheart Pact, downfall of the House Telvanni

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