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Tell us about your DC character

Started by Shurth Aszef
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
First name- Mordyn
Surname- Varnis
Title- None
Sex- Male
Age- 22
Occupation- Scholar
Faction- The Cyrodiil Mages' Guild and The Skyrim College of Winterhold
Appearance- A tall Breton with brow/blond messy hair. He is skinny. He wares robes and a hood with leather gloves and elven boots. He also wares an enchanted gold and ruby necklace and enchanted silver rings.
Personality- Shy to new people, Brilliant, slightly awkward socially.
Personal Background- His mom was a veteran healer for the Imperials and his dad was a very successful merchant. They taught him that a good education was one of the most important things. He was in one of the best schools all his life until he went traveling across Cyrodiil. He quickly became one of the best mages in Cyrodiil before going to Skyrim to see the College of Winterhold. He was captured by the Imperials and was falsely accused of being a rebel. After escaping his death sentence he met a Nord, Imperial, and Bosmer that he travels with.
Best Memory- Meeting the Imperial, Annabeth
Worst memory- His first kill, an Imperial in Helgen
Skills- He is naturally great with all kinds of magic. He learns incredibly fast. He has a great memory.
Challenges for the Character- He doesn't like death.
Birth sign- The Mage
Religious Views- Follows the Nine
Political views- He doesn't much care for politics

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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Race: Breton
Name: Idaina Acha
Reason for joining DC: "I fight because I have too, the world is in ruins. The three alliances' are fighting for a 'Just Cause', but this is only an excuse to grab power from a weak and crumbling empire. Although I ally myself with the Daggerfall Covenant, I fight so the fighting will stop."

I fight, so the fighting will stop.
Commander of The Council of Arcanea
The Council of Arcanea openly recruiting:
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Name: Atra Seventree (for once im not using Wackatramp, but I am using part of the name)
Playstyle: Mace/Shield/Alteration/Restoration/Heavy Armour

As everyone is pretending their some almighty force from another world, Ill be drinking double gins while knocking everyone on their asses, wondering what trades my Winnipeg Jets will be doing in the off-season.

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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
Name: Bhurz Gro-Kai
Race: Orc
Gender: Male
Play style: Large, two handed blade such as claymore or Greatsword and Heavy armor. Also a skilled smith.

Behead Nords. Get Money.
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
/stealth bumper

The Redguard whom will pin your foot to the ground with an Ice Spear and watch as his Daedroth eats you alive.
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
He is an Orc there is nothing more to add.

Ogrug- Orc Warrior Son of Bludghul
Heceril- Altmer Vampire Lord
Frelav- Nord Werewolf
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
redguard archer. my mother died in battle with anti redguard southern Tamriel people. so i was trained by by father to fight so those i stood up for would never suffer the same fate. From there i left the desert to serve the outcasts of my land and fight injustice until the DC king is on the throne.
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
breton spellsword, single handed swords (katana is weapon of choice) with the other hand free for spells (more for alteration/illusion/restoration than destruction).

seems like in ESO we can dual wield and still cast spells (correct me if i'm wrong) so it'll be tough to decide between dual wield for offense or sword and shield for better blocking.

My in-game and RP characters are the same. For details:
Ferr'Aka Bio
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Ferr'Aka, spellsword of Breton and Akaviri descent.

The Daggerfall Authority, recruiting Bretons, Orcs, and Ra Gada!
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Im gonna bring back my character from oblivion his name is TYRONE , tyrone the redguard, i've replaced a daedric prince with him/i've seen martin septim defeat mehrunes dagon with him, He is an unstoppable force with his sword and his dark brotherhood armor. When he walks by the hood of hammerfell all the hoes through septims at him, he passes by hammerfell in his horse called Jerome (A.K.A Shadowmere)

Full name: Tyrone Jackson
Reason for joining DC:I must fight for the glory of hammerfell , even though we might have the least soldiers we have the most might! We have the best chefs - the bretons , we also have the best tanks -the orcs and last but not least we have the best WARRIORS-the REDGUARDS!

BOW DOWN TO TYRONE for he the daggerfall covenants greatest asset , behinds the high king ofcourse!
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Redguard spellsword
Best proficiencies: Blade, Light armor , Restoration, Smithing
Full name: Fritodelay
Reason for joining DC:I must fight for the glory of hammerfell , even though we might have the least soldiers we have the most might! We have the best chefs - the bretons , we also have the best tanks -the orcs and last but not least we have the best WARRIORS-the REDGUARDS!
Best memory:Defeating mehrunes dagon and stopping the oblivion crisis
Born in:Cyrrodil
Faction: Dark brotherhood
Personal Story:His parents were wealthy back in hammerfell where his parents lived, before he was born they travelled to cyrrodil his father was attacked by a bandit raid his mom was grieving by the time they got to cyrrodil 5 Years after he was born she commmited suicide, so the dark brotherhood took him and raised him since he was a toddler
Religion: Hail sithis
Appereance: 6"4 Redguard , wears leather armor and Diamond necklace
Personality: Manipulative , Cunning, Good hearted, Means justifies the ends
Worst experience:Watching his mother die
Weapons:Sword and Restorative magic in other hand
War Personality: No mercy , Death to anyone who opposes Me
Birthsign: The shadow
Hair: Mini Afro/ Facial Hair:
Facial/Hair color: Black
I was born in cyrrodil, I remember the good era but now, now cyrodil is a disgrace we must fight for controll over cyrodil or else..........we all die
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Physical features
Name: Adrien Reynard
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Breton
Birthplace: Wayrest, High Rock
Height: 5" 11'
Build: Medium
Pigmentation: Slightly-tan
Hair: Short, Black
Eye Color: Blue-Light gray
Facial Feature(s): Scar on right cheek

Personality: Trustworthy, Loyal, Friendly, Intelligent, Heavily Strategic
Abilities: Agile, Acrobatic, Stealth
Weaknesses: Color blind in right eye, Interacting with others, Direct Combat
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Sword, Throwing knives
Skills: Archery, Alchemy, One-Handed, Sneak
Armor: Medium
Fighting Style: Damage from afar, Swift attacks when close

-Thieves Guild
-The Kynaran Order
-East Empire Trading Co. (mercenary)
-Knights of the Rose

Reason for joining the Covenant:
(WIP) :)
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May the Shadows guide you unto the light...

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- Taran -

[Image: tumblr_mme9ppreHl1rav193o1_1280.png]

Name: Taran
Race: Redguard
Sex: Male
Age: 41
Weapons: Spear, scimitar, jambiya and a round iron shield.
Armor: Scale mail, scale leggings and iron knee plates.

Taran doesn't give a plough about anything but gold and glory. A man without honor, loyal to no one but is well known, respected and feared all over Tamriel.

A proficient warrior and a charismatic leader, he leads a small group of mercenaries and takes assignments or contracts from anyone regardless of their race or faction as long as the price is right.

A master of psychological warfare, known to strike fear and terror in his targets and their associates. Executes his missions explicitly, he ensures that the victims are aware of the inevitable. Taran prefers to attack during public events when everyone is watching.

The great king is under Taran's protection in exchange for a generous salary. King Emeric is well aware that he is being manipulated and intimidated by Taran but his majesty will not take any chances as he fears regicide from within. He continues to satisfy Taran's demands believing that having the Redguard under his command is a valuable asset to his kingdom and keeps Daggerfall Covenant's opposition at bay.

Taran wears trophies from the generals and commanders he defeated. He is known to mark the trophies with an "X" using his scimitar then pours the fallen leader's blood between the cracks.

Taran and his companions under conflict in Cyrodiil

[Image: esograyscale.png]
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If I make a Daggerfall Covenant character then it will probably be a Breton and he will be a Thief/Archer/Mage archtype :)
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
...a daughter of murderers, Siin was born and lived in a small town on the southern coast of high rock, east of daggerfall. She never knew her parents as they were hung while she was a child by an unknown thug who took it upon himself to end their lives before they could stand trial for the crimes they were thought to have committed. The association of this little girl to those brutal murders never left her and she was shunned by the townsfolk and called “sin”.

The town of Ruet where she spent her childhood was small but did not lack criminal activity, the local thieves guild became the only place she could find food and comfort in a somewhat honest way. She became a beggar at a young age and spied for food and coin and eventually discovered that she had a talent for espionage. Light on her feet, bright and a quick learner she came to the attention of Raekken Daal, a talented thief who purchased information from her regularly and, on occasion, hired her for surveillance.

Raekken took her under his wing, the relationship was not always friendly but had a mutually beneficial nature. Raekken would have his spy and Siin would learn to fight and fend for herself. Unusual for a breton, Siin was never very attuned to magic and never became any good with it. But what she lacked in magic affinity she more than made up for in agility. She favoured the bow but learned to master short blades, Raekken insisted upon it. “sometimes proximity is unavoidable” he would say. As the relationship grew so did Siin, who soon became as beautiful as she was deadly, and her missions started becoming second nature as if she had outgrown the little town... and perhaps even Raekken, who was reaping the benefits financially of what was essentially, by then, Siins hard work.

Still poor, but now a young woman, Siin travelled to Daggerfall to make her own way in life. Steering clear of trouble turned out to be somewhat harder than she had predicted and quickly realised that she must adapt the only skills she had in life into something profitable. Sadly with no support, and being that theft and espionage was a normal way of life for her by then, crime became her only way out. As her talent grew, she found it increasingly easy to get close to high risk targets by using her appearance to lure them into a false sense of security. Soon the fate that had been thrust upon her as an infant came true and assassination became her way of life, one that has been both profitable and exhilarating. Unbeknownst to Siin her handy work had been treading on toes and setting gears in motion of the dangerous and feared local black hand of the Dark brotherhood, which left her with few options. Join the Dark brotherhood and hide behind the fifth tenet. Or die.

Few have seen Siins adult face as she mostly covers it with a half face mask, those that have seen her, either do not know they have seen her, or have been a target of her operations. and therefore do not see anything anymore... at all.


/ooc If more of this story is wanted it goes a great deal further and I could perhaps write it up if anyone would enjoy that. This is however but an introduction to my characters back story
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
OK, orc, medium armor and a bow. age: 25. light green. STory: when gurgul ( my guy ) was 10 he was taken from his family. He last sight was a high elf. The elf did experiments on him for years and gurgul became blind. when he was 15, he fought back. What the elf didn't know, is that gurgul has always been great with a bow.He regained his eyesight. Gurgul grabbed a dagger near him and damaged the elf. He then grabbed a bow and quiver and shot him in the head. He had won! After he escaped, he found his family and was happy at last. But finding out that they never looked for him made him mad. He killed all of them. At age 17, he had learned to survive the wild and found a friend, a dog. He traveled with it until he was 21.. when a nord attacked their campfire. The dog was killed and Gurgul was left to die after being knocked out. When he woke up, he was by a Breton. The Breton had saved him with magic. He told him to join his army. Gurgul did. He has met many friends, but is still brutal when he kills. And has killed some of his own. He had been arrested for a year , but was released. He left the DC for a year and almost everything he saw was killed. He is quiet to newcomers, but is friendly to friends.
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