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TESO; a roleplayer's dream

Started by Triskele
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It's been around for a bit, but I felt the need to re-post this article in the appropriate section: clicky!

It's sadly a fact that it's mostly the more older and dated MMO's that cater to roleplayers, because of their roleplay-friendly options. Some would say UO, the mother of MMO's (I haven't played this, but the stories are famous and widely spread) was the perfect game for roleplay back in the day, and games like EQ2, LotrO and SWG all have features aiding the roleplayer and his/her creativity, unlike the newer titles which don't even let your character sit in a chair :(

I personally have high hopes for TESO from a roleplayer's perspective (and other perspectives, hur hur), simply because TES-games have a tradition of immersion and possibility.

What are the things, little or big, that really help the roleplayer and are a must for you (or simply a deeply-rooted wish)? Housing, interactive furniture (i.e. candles, campfires, chairs etc), a music-system?
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A world that enables atleast some amount of interaction from the players. That's all one requires.
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I really do think that immersion, and feeling part of the world in which a game is set- is what draws me into an MMORPG the most. The Elder Scrolls franchise obviously has depth to it's story; though I worry a tad in the implementation of it all.

Things that the OP (;>>) has listed above, are things that I feel greatly increase immersion. And the Elder Scrolls games do so much of this perfectly; the first-person viewmode, the promotion of exploration, the randomness of encounters and events. All of that wonderful shizz. There's so much meat to the series, in how it feels so alive, and I deeply hope that The Elder Scrolls Online continues the franchise's staple traditions.

If it does, whelp, I don't think us RPers have anything to worry about.
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As a roleplayer, I've learnt to play with what I am given. If this simply means a shabby chatbox with emote functonality, then I'll use it (though, I wouldn't stick around for a long time)
But there are some things that are needed to get a "Very roleplay-able" badge from me.

* RP Flag integration - IC/OOC/Non-RP being the basic ones. Extended ones to precise what kind of roleplayer one self is, like stances on conflict rp (Do want/donotwant), conflict rp preferred ruleset (freeform, roll-emote, pre-arranged..) etc.
* Character description, visible upon inspection - Good for Non-rp'ers too who simply want more immersion, but very useful. Doesn't need a biography section in my opinion.
* Chat functionality: Pre-set emotes with animations (Think AoC, Lotro), Appropriate say/yell/emote ranges, colorable channels, tab functionality, and if possible a ping-noise whenever your name is typed.
* Lore that is approachable and easy to understand, and most importantly available. Books in-game (think Rift) with stories you can refer to icly, locations with a history written on a statue etc. As long as I don't have to actually buy books in order to understand (books are nice, but sometimes the writers are awful and it just kills the awesome)
* Dedicated RP servers, in TESO's case, merely acknowledgement of the RP community and a Dev or two to listen to our wishes. Games of the future needs to start acknowledging us as an actual part of the mmorpg communities, with wishes and desires for content just like raiders, pvp'ers and crafters.
* Wardrobe. Items that you equip for looks and over-rides the looks of your pve-gear. Simply that, not like how Gw2 did it, that was needlessly bothersome.

Stuff that isn't needed, but will make me drool:
* Sitable chairs, closeable doors. Basically if I click on something and it does something I will be squeeing.
* Housing/Dimension-esque feature. The more customization the better - Rift is doing it right, atm.
* Extensive character creation process with more hairstyles than needed. Also haircolors.
* Dye-system of any kind.

There's probably more I can't think of right now.
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I think the RP flag from above will be crucial. With the amount of people RPing as the asinine uppity high elf or the racist nord, it would be nice to know if they're acting that way because they're actually an asinine person or that's just what they're pretending to be. I think the flags can be done somehow without making it in-your-face obvious.
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I always liked the rp-toggle in LotrO. You could just go /rp on or /rp off and your name would go from white to yellow and vice versa. Such a little thing but so helpful.

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If ESOs player grouping works as it should, there wouldn't really be a need for the 'toggle RP' function. But it is a good feature otherwise!
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Please use the Help & Feedback section if you need help. This will help others that may have the same questions and you will receive a faster response.
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A few things I would like in TESO that haven't been mentioned so far are:

1.) Simple yet believable animations and emotes. Since RP will be done in game, I'd like animations to be varied and full of life. I'd also like them to be down-to-earth and believable, things that you'd expect if a normal person to do. Also with chatting in /say I'd like their to be a minor animation to go along with it. This would hopefully have TESO appear alive and non-cartoonish.

SWTOR on the otherhand had some pretty terrible animations with their emotes. A /sit emote would have the character put their arms behind them and show off their legs in front of them as if they were posing for a swimsuit calendar. Certain RPers may have thought this fantastic, but for the rest of us it was something we shaked our head and sighed at. The result was that no one sat down in normal RP.

Also SWTOR didn't have animations to go along with talking. So conversations between two people were generally them just standing upright facing each other the entire time.

2.) Elder Scrolls style armor and apparel. I'm drawn to this game because the Elder Scrolls is a gritty RPG series. If everyone is dressed up in ridiculous or really skimpy outfits, I wouldn't feel like I'm in Tamriel.

Fortunately, from what they say in the introduction video, it appears they're aiming for people to design their own looks. So if they've got Elder Scrolls armor/outfits as customizable, I suppose it would just be up to the community to choose what they wear.

These two points kind of have the theme of being true to the setting of the Elder Scrolls series and being sincere in their implementation. I'm not saying that RP should be all serious business, I'd just like it to stay true to the series.

Character Profiles:
Endaros Ilmori - Buoyant Armiger
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Taren Jucanis - Imperial Deserter (Used for The Black Shroud RP)
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