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TESO Hands-On

Started by Ingvar the Fearless
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I thought I'd share this link to the resent Hands-On with The Elder Scrolls Online for those that might not of read it. It was submitted on the 22nd of October. Enjoy.

Comment and discuss.
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The TESO Facebookpage has been brimming these past 48 hours with articles such as this one, me gusta! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some more videos of footage soon.

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doubt video footage will happen too soon. Beta is far off, and as we can see quite a few of the art assets are not quite done yet. even in the screenshots they released. also some articles mentioned lacking animation quality, so i suppose its going to take a while till we see some characters in motion.
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Nice find Ingvar!! Combat is shaping up to be promising.

"Pain is temporary... Glory is eternal"
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