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TESO installation questions

Started by Lokart
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(March 25th 2014, 09:37 PM)Avidus Wrote: buy a small SSD for your OS and ESO,

My 240GB SSD ("256GB" officially, 238 after formatting and OS swap/restore partition) for my OS, W/ESO, only has 89GB free. I've tried to strictly limit the installs on it to OS-related stuff - like Roxio, AMD CCC (video), and sound utilities - and other things that run constantly in the background.

So really, IMO, a "small" SSD would be 240GB; the minimum at present day for such purposes. Sure would be nice to have a 480-512GB, or another 240, so I could move my Steam games to it.

Skyrim conquerer. Morrowind and Oblivion vet. Long-time single-player computer gamer W/custom-made hi-perf OCd PC. Mostly RTS and a few action games.
Noob to MMOs.
Crappy satellite Internet very laggy pings 700-1000 not god for gaming, can't play most online games but ESO works good enough.
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