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TESO Subscription discussion

Started by Bloodstainer
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Hey guys! I am new to the forums, but definitely not to either The Elder Scrolls or to MMORPGs (or MMOs in General.)

And I've seen a lot of talk lately concerning the subscription model that TESO will be going with, and I am very happy to see such an announcement because the main problem I had when I left WoW was that whenever my and my friends were looking for new MMOs we always found some F2P MMOs ones that grabbed our interests, some were bad and some were good, but they all shared one that, and that was the fact that their monetization-model was straight out of awful, it was actually pushing me away from the game itself.

I get that they need money, MMO's are expensive, its a non-stop development of a game played by a lot of people who except both server maintenance and player-service.

I have a more in-depth impression/talk about the subscription model here:
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You will find existing threads regarding this issue, just use the search function and enjoy, quite a hot topic.
Welcome to the Forums!

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If I were you I'd stay away from those forums atm, or at least not post a comment. Just wait until the heat dies down a little bit

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not another one..
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Hey, Bloostainer! Welcome to TESOF. To keep things tidy, I'm getting this topic closed. There's currently a discussion if you're interested:

Please use the Help & Feedback section if you need help. This will help others that may have the same questions and you will receive a faster response.

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