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TESOF. What would it be ?!

Started by MrBot
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Would it be like:
Player: "Hey! They are from another fraction. Lets kill them!" - TDM
Admin: "Why did you killed them?"
Player: "They've entered our territory. Before DM we made a monologue."
Admin: "That's ok."

Player1: "Give me my gold!" - after a gallon of beer
Player2: "Shut up. You're an idiot!"
Player1: - kills Character of Player2
Admin: "Wtf is going on?!"
Player1: "I've killed his character, cause my character was drunk and his character pissed my character off..."
Admin: "Woowow, easy. You have killed your fraction mate?!"
Player1: "Mmm, yap."
Admin: "It's a Teamkill, do you know it? I'll give you a ban for 3 days!"

You'd be able to use animations and Role Play chats to describe environment, actions and see result of non-animation(prepared) action.

"Go PvP.", "Go skype", "Go kill mobs".
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I'm not sure what this thread is about, but I moreso don't understand why it was posted in the Roleplay-section. Closed.

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