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Thara of Valenwood

Started by Tharapita
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Race: Bosmer
Name: Thara
Surname: not decided
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Appearance and personality: She is dark of hair and eyes, with a slender body. She is an independent and a fairly quiet person, with quick wit and a bit of arrogance.

Her father Falcar was an Altmer musician, travelling around Valenwood to find some inspiration for music to perform in the Court. That's where he met her mother Thales, a Bosmer hunter, and they fell in love. But it was already arranged that on his return to the Summerset Isles, Falcar is to marry an Altmer woman, Lorana. Eventually he left Valenwood, to do his duty. He grew more quiet and preferred to compose instead of sing. He was often found sitting in deep thought, but he knew how to act merry in front of his friends and the audience. His best friends knew, of course, that he had changed after returning from Valenwood and drew their own conclusions. “What horrors he endured in the Woods”, they whispered among themselves, “he will never tell and we will never know.”

2E 564

After eight years had passed, a stranger came to the Summerset Isles on the 6th of Rain's Hand. The night was dark and the stars were clouded. It was a Bosmer man, who looked weary of travel and of life. He was hooded and cloaked as if he didn’t want to be noticed. However, the rags didn’t hide neither the small hump on his back nor the wrinkles on his face, but drew attention instead. Despite of the long sea voyage he still smelled of lichen and moss, like a fire-mage that Falcar knew who always smelled of cinders. The smell goes deep into the skin if you do something long enough or stay someplace long enough. Just like the ink on a paper that forms the words, the smell can tell a lot about a person.
The stranger looked up at Falcar and stood motionless for a little while. It was quiet. Only a small breeze tickled their clothes and the sea let out a sigh when a wave reached the shore. They studied each other, deep green eyes fixed into blue. Falcar felt strangely peaceful, as if he had been unknowingly expecting the stranger to arrive all this time. Will the Bosmeri become trees if they live old enough, wondered Falcar. They would sit, covered in moss, and melt into the tree bark like some strange twisted branches. Just to become one with Y’ffre? He remembered how Thales had been a mystery to him, something that drew him near. Something he could drown himself into. Tree Sap people – that’s what they call themselves. They are something the Valenwood needs to stay alive. Like a sap to a tree, Falcar realized.
The old Bosmer let out a deep sigh, shook his head lightly and looked down. The purpose of his journey was clear – he had a little dark-haired child with him. She was holding on to his wrinkled hand. He didn't speak much when he left the girl to Falcar's care and disappeared from the Isles that same night. "This is Thara," he had told him "Raise the girl well. And don't forget Her." The child looked shyly up into Falcar's eyes while clutching her little bow to her chest. And for a second the girl looked like Thales so much, that Falcar burst out laughing. “Come here, little one,” he told her after he had stopped laughing. Then smiled a bit sadly as if he remembered something, and added “don’t be afraid. I will look after you now.”
Thara was raised in his father’s house by the customs of the Altmer. She didn't belong there and she knew it.

2E 575

“It’s your stepmother”, yelled Tanor while running into the archery range “she is on her way to check on you. I don’t think she saw me…” he stopped next to Thara and caught his breath. “She looks angry”, he managed to say between his panting. Thara stood motionless, with her bow drawn and loosed the string. The arrow hit the target with a thud. She slowly let out her breath while she kept her focus on the spot. Finally she looked at Tanor and grinned. Then, without a word, she threw her bow to him, and started to run towards the back gate. Tanor caught the bow in mid air. “You missed your magic lesson again this morning, didn’t you?” he yelled to her with an amused note in his voice. At the back gate Thara stopped for a second and looked at Tanor. He was just taking a deep breath and stretched the bow with a mischievous grin, pretending to be clam. “Oh, Tanor. You are such a bad liar”, thought Thara, smiled to herself and slipped away. Tanor, a handsome high elf, was one of the few who didn’t care that she was a half-breed.

2E 579

Thara and her mother had been tracking a pack of five for three days now and finally caught up close on them silently. They had hunted down a young deer and the animal didn’t have to suffer long. Thara’s arrow was pierced through the beast’s neck and thick warm blood was still pouring out of the wound, but it was definitely dead. “You did well for your first time. Now we have to eat it”, smiled Thales and started to prepare their prey. She took her hunting knife from her belt and cut the deer’s throat open with an experienced move. “I have to teach you how to skin the prey too, pay attention.” Thara moved closer to her mother and sat on the soft moss. Suddenly she heard something hit a tree nearby. Her mother was skinning the deer and started to hum a melody as if she hadn’t heard anything strange. Thara was looking at the undergrowth around them, but she didn’t spot anything. Something hit the tree again! An arrow! Or was it a stone? Thara tried to warn her mother, but she was focused on the deer, still singing her song. Someone is throwing stones at them! Why doesn’t she listen? The light under the canopy was getting blurry and the colors started to melt.

A sudden noise woke Thara up. Her mother’s song still lingered in her ears. She could still almost smell the blood and feel the heat from the hunt. The morning’s green light of the forest was replaced by a moonlit night. The dreams still haunted her. Thara sighed and pulled the blanket up to her chin. The noise struck again - a pebble hitting the window. She narrowed her eyes in suspicion, got up and rushed to look outside. Tanor. He was just about to pick up another pebble. Thara knocked lightly on the glass. Tanor turned his gaze up, beckoned her with a relieved smile and dropped the pebble he had chosen. Thara was dressed within a minute and stopped before the window to listen if the house was quiet. Everyone seemed to be asleep – she could hear her father’s heavy breathing in the next room. His situation was getting worse every day. With a heavy heart she opened the window and nimbly climbed down, into the night. “Honestly, Thara…” whispered Tanor as she reached to the ground, “you could sleep through a battle with Maormer, even if it took place right under your window”. They both grinned and looked around anxiously to see if they were alone. The streets were empty. When they got a bit further from the houses, the curiosity got best of Thara who was now fully awake. “What’s this about now?” Tanor glanced at her and uttered in a deep theatrical voice “You’ll see. It’s in the ruins.” Thara nodded - she had guessed as much. Last time they had been to the ruins together was few weeks ago. The ruins lay about one hours walk from the town and were partly made of coral. Thara had learned in one of the tedious history lessons that those ruins could have been made by the Sload - sluglike beastmen that live in the Coral Kingdoms. The topics in the history lessons were not as tedious as the fact that Thara had to attend them with her stepsister Morna. Still, Thara preferred to go and study the ruins herself and not just read about them from the dusty tomes. She was surprised to find that these ugly and horrible slugs could create such magnificent things! Thara smiled on the thought and looked at her friend. Tanor noticed Thara’s gaze pointed at his bow and quiver. He gave them a light pat and whispered with a sly wink “Precaution”.

Thara couldn’t believe her eyes “Oh…! This is beautiful!” They had just stepped out from a secret passage that Tanor had found the previous week and were now in a glade that was hidden in the middle of the ruins. It was a starlit night. Both Masser and Secunda sat on the velvet sky. Thara could hear a stream rushing between the rocks somewhere, and carefully she stepped forward, brushing the branches aside. “What if it used to be a garden of some sort?” she wondered. “I doubt the Sload had any use for gardens”, Tanor replied quietly “but I knew you would love this place. You appreciate nature’s wonders above jewels and gold.” They had reached to a clearing. Thara turned to look at her friend. Her laughter shrilled in the air like little silver bells. Then she grew silent and stepped closer to Tanor. “Thank you. By showing me this place…this is one of the most beautiful things that anyone has ever done to me”. Tanor blushed and thanked the nighttime, so the wood-elf girl couldn’t see his anxiety. He looked away and tugged a stone with his foot. “Well, I mean this could be… our secret place. You know, when we…one of us…needs time to get away from everything.” Thara laughed again happily and turned to explore the glade. “You are wonderful, Tanor! Just wonderful! I don’t know what I would do without you.” He watched her slender figure go down to the stream, her skin pale in the moonlight. Tanor blushed again, let out a sigh and followed her.

2E 580

“He asks for you now, Thara” said Morna coldly, closing the door after herself. Morna’s face was an emotionless mask, but the disapproving tone she used betrayed her character. Thara’s stepsister had the gift to make Thara feel most unwelcome.
Thara stood up quickly, crossed the hall and opened the door to his father’s room. The air smelt of potions and salves. It was a warm summer evening. Falcar was sitting in his bed, facing the covered window. Lorana had provided him with soft feather pillows. Falcar was dying. He had caught some strange disease two years ago that made his breathing difficult. He was still composing music about a year ago, even though he couldn’t sing, but for the last six months he had been in sickbed and coughing a lot. It was hard to look helplessly how he grew weaker and weaker. Thara stepped quietly into the room and shut the door. “Thara… would you…” he coughed and added in a weak voice “…would you be so kind and open the window for me?” He took a glass of water and drank greedily. Thara threw the heavy curtains aside and opened the window. “Lorana and Morna will be mad because of this,” she said with an amusement. The sun was setting. Fresh breeze filled the room and with it came the salty smell of the sea. There were hardly any waves and the peaceful surface looked like a mirror, reflecting the last of sun’s light. Thara turned to look at his father, who was sitting quietly. He beckoned her to sit next to his bed. She obeyed and took her father’s hand into hers. “Father, I…” she stopped abruptly, not knowing how to form all her questions. Falcar shook his head with a slight smile and looked her in the eyes. A gull called and then there was silence.

“I thought I would find you here,” said Tanor. He had entered the hidden glade and spotted Thara sitting by the stream with her arms wrapped around her legs. He sat next to her. She continued to watch the water flow without paying him any attention. After a while, he asked carefully “How are you feeling?”
“I’m not sure yet. I guess I am happy that he is finally at peace.” She paused “Do you know what was the last thing he ever said to me? He told me to open the window. And then…then he just looked into my eyes until he faded. Oh, I had so many questions I wanted to ask him! And now I am left puzzled.”
Tanor nodded, “About your mother, I understand. I mean…I would too, if I was you.” He stretched his legs and continued “You look like you have decided on something. You always look like that when you are up to no good. What is it?” Thara finally looked at her friend and replied “I am going to Valenwood.”
Tanor’s eyes widened with surprise. Then he quickly turned to look into the distance to avoid Thara’s piercing gaze. He made his voice as careless as he could and asked quietly “When?”
“After the funeral” Thara studied his friend carefully. For a while there was no other sound than the water finding the way between the rocks. Tanor stood up, picked a pebble and threw it into the stream, shattering the silence.
“Please say something, Tanor.”
“I...don’t know what to say. I guess I have always expected that you’d go eventually. Just not this soon” He picked a larger stone and flung it into the water. The stone disappeared with a loud splash. Thara stood up and caught Tanor’s hand before he could reach for another stone.
“I need to go. There is nothing for me here on the Isles now. Except…” she poured out the words, desperately trying to make him understand “…Except you, Tanor. You could come with me.”
“I can’t” he said after a pause, still avoiding eye contact.
“Why not?”
Tanor let out a sigh and replied “It’s my parents. They expect me to marry Shasha. They keep reminding me every day.”
Thara was taken aback for a moment. She processed this new information and to her surprise she felt a sting of jealousy. Shasha was a beautiful high elf girl who had taken magic lessons with Thara. Well, when Thara happened to appear in the lessons they got along pretty well. “She…she is a great choice. I’m happy for …”
“I don’t want to marry Shasha!” interrupted Tanor.
“Why not?”
“Do you not know?”
Thara met his gaze. She felt strangely startled when the realization finally hit her. He was standing very close to her now. Her heart started beating faster. How had she not realized it before? Tanor took her face between his palms, his light-brown eyes locked into Thara’s. “Do you know what was the last thing your father ever told me? He told me not to live in regrets like he did for his entire life. And I am not going to.” He kissed Thara before she could say anything.

Tanor woke up to a birdsong in the glade. The sunlight crept over the edges of the ruins and dried the grass of dew. Thara was gone.
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Well, you obviously know your stuff, everything seems good to me. Lore, story, personality.

If you want criticism, I would say put the story in the library, not in the bio. First of all, because you will get more focused reviews on the story (and I think it should do) rather than that being a part of the whole bio, but also because it seems more like something(s) that happen to the character, rather than a background which helps shape the character. Don't get me wrong, there were character shaping moments but they happened in a storyline kind of way. I'm not explaining this very well...
Another thing would be to increase on the personality. You know her character, as we can see from the writing, but if we are RPing with her and we want a brief summary of the character we're RPing with. The same goes for 'loves' and 'hates'; you know, but we don't. Also, I'd be interested to know what skills she has.

Oh, and one last thing: if she leaves in 2E 582, which is when TESO starts. Most of the RPs here take place before then, so you won't techinacally be able to join in. There's a RP calendar in the RP Discussion section so all you need to do is find the eariest date (I think it's 2E580) and say she left then.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

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Thank you for the opinion and suggestions. Sure I can change the year/date when she leaves for Valenwood.

Honestly, it started out as a short bio form, but it grew on something larger as my ideas started to fly. And it reached to the point where I wasn't sure if I should post it under Bios - but it is a bio, just in a longer form. There's the history with family and friends/lack of friends. You can tell that she is good with bow and arrows and that she doesn't like magic much (I left an open end here, I am not completely sure if I want to use some spells in ESO or not). You can tell, that she's used to be independent and a little bit wild since she doesn't quite fit into the Altmer family as a Altmer-Bosmer half-breed. She likes exploring and the wonders of nature - probably due to childhood memories. And she has questions about her mother - what became of her - that drives her to plunge into the strange world alone.

Since English is not my first language, I found it to be a nice practice. And I am sure I will update the bio in the future.

I always found it more fun when you don't know the character you are about to RP with, so you don't really know whats her motives/hopes/dreams.
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