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The Adventure Zone: Craglorn

Started by Guardiangamer
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A New Adventure:

Bethesda has just announced its first content update for veteran level players in Elder Scrolls Online. Designed for groups of 4 and 12 players, welcome to the Adventure Zone of Craglorn. In this new area, one of the most noticeable things is that the constellations are missing in the night sky. While delving into the mysteries of this area, Adventurers begin to hear rumors of beings called the Celestials: The Warrior, Mage, Serpent, and Thief. What they are doing and how they are affecting Craglorn will be up to your group to discover. Now for those of you who played earlier Elder Scrolls games may recognized these names. They symbolized constellations in the sky, as well as certain stones, and had an intimate relationship in how you progressed your characters level. Not much else is known about the story, at this time, so lets move on to what quests are like here.


The quests in this area seem to be designed for high-level, four person groups that will take you across Craglorn and reveal more and more of the story. There will also be quests you can unlock just by exploring, but most are daily quest that can be repeated. The main questline seems to be what Bethesda wants you to focus on because it will take you to the larger points of interest in Craglorn.

Delves(Public Dungeons)

You may have traversed these simple dungeons during your travels. In Craglorn, Delves are exclusively instanced to your party. No random player will be seen. They will have a Skyshard, of course, and also boss fights. They are basically mini-dungeons.

Points of interest:

Many points of interest will be reminiscent of veteran dungeons: instanced, have a high level of difficulty, and will be challenging for even the best 4-person groups.


This new large-group challenge is for groups of twelve and will be completed only by the best of the best. Once your group starts, you will have to face many challenges ranging from environmental hazards, new enemies, and bosses with new tactics to keep you on your toes. With a timer and limited number of resurrections, things get all the more hectic. But if your able to complete the trials fast enough, you will earn a spot on the leaderboards. Those who reach the top of the leaderboards will be rewarded.

Aside from some interesting armor near the end of their video, that's all Bethesda has released at this time so we will just have to wait until later this month when Craglorn is released.

Valen Tiberius out-
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