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The Adventures of Elk: Slavery Part I

Started by Elk
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
The young Bosmer Elk was still in shock from the loss of his clan, but he knew he had to stay strong, survive, and train so he could take his revenge and restore his clan. Barely six years old Elk is on his own hunting in the Forests of Valenwood, tracking deer when he suddenly is swept of his feet sucked into the air. He had stepped into a slavers trap.

Has he hung there unable to free himself Elk begins to think about his clan. All the good memories bring a smile to his face but is quickly change to a frown as he begins to cry. In the midst of his sops he hears a noise behind him. Suddenly Elk his stricken with a fierce pain in the back of his had and blacks out.

Elk awakens in the back of a wagon bound in gagged packed in with other children of varies races. He has been taken by slavers and doesn’t know what is to become of him or even where he is going but knows nothing good can come of it. When he regains his senses he notices a young Khajiit boy who's started to cut his restraints and soon frees himself. Elk does all he can to get the Khajiit's attention, and when he finally does he motions for him to cut his. The Khajiit hesitates but decides to cut him free. The slavers notice but are unconcerned due to the metal cage encasing the carriage.

Through quiet conversation Elk learns that the Khajiit's name his M'Ajav, and he was taken while on a trading expedition in Valenwood with his family when a flash flood separated them. Elk felt sorry for M'Ajav even with his tragic life and promised M'ajav he would help him escape and return to his family.

After a few hours the carriage stopped and the slavers started to set up camp as the prisoners sat cramped in the cage hungry and tired. Once the camp was set up the slavers ate and threw the scraps to their prisoners and laughed as the ones who were starving fought over them. Elk and M'Ajav decided to escape that night once the slavers fell asleep and return to M'Ajav's family.

As the slavers slept M'Ajav picked the lock on the cage and he and Elk snuck past the slavers. M'Ajav quickly figured out where they were and set course in the direction where his family last was. As Elk and M'Ajav started traveling towards their destination they didn't notice that one of the slavers was following them and started on a course to get ahead of them. As the young ones rounded a bend in the trail they were suddenly struck by the pummels of daggers and dropped. When they came to, they were back in the wagon chained to each other barely able to move. Elk and M'Ajav were completely trapped as they were being taken to Morrowind to be sold to a Dunmer family.

After many weeks of travel with little food or water the carriage rolled into the city Tear, and Elk and M'Ajav could see many slave pens. They knew their fate then and knew they may never return home. As the carriage came to a stop in what was assumed to be a market square many Dunmer gathered around to start bidding on the new goods. All the children were pulled out of the cage and made to parade around on a little stage, all except Elk and M'Ajav. After an hour of bidding all the others were sold and the bidders left. The slavers pulled the two from the carriage and dropped them on the ground. With a little effort Elk and M'Ajav were able to sit up and noticed a Dunmer women walking up to them. After an exchange of coin the two were thrown into a new carriage and headed off to their new home. Unbeknownst to Elk and M'Ajav they were the newest slaves of the house Dres.
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