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The Akaviri

Started by Abisu
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(This is the intro to the story, just to get a feel.)

Heavy fog rolled over Falkreath hold in the early hours of the morning. Thunder roared in the distance, and the birds remained silent in fear that thier chirping would anger the gods further. The city of Falkreath was quiet that morning, even more than usual. The only thing that seemed alive was the town's gravedigger who was slowly burrying the unidentifiable bodies that were found in the woods outside town the night before.

"Two of them. It's terrible." He grumbled as he forced his shovel into the cold earth beneath his feet. They had been found by Zaria, the local alchemist, as she was out picking herbs the previous evening. They were cold, naked, and very certainly dead.

The man and the woman, both seemingly Nords by thier build, were torn apart. Thier faces were non-existant and thier hands and feet had been torn from thier bodies. The rest of the injuries were like nothing the old gravedigger had never seen in all his years.

Just then, he heard footsteps coming down the stone path of the city. The guards must be snoozing, just letting someone waltz into town after last night. The footsteps came to an abrupt stop, and a voice that sounded foriegn to the old man's ears called out through the mist, "Excuse me sir, is there anyway for me to get a message delivered to the Jarls of all the holds." The man paused to clear his throat, "I'm looking for the best and brightest mercenaries in Skyrim to preform a task for me."

The old man didn't turn from his work as he replied, "There is a courier staying at the inn down the road. If you hurry, you might be able to catch him at breakfast." Who was that man? A crow's caw echoed overhead as he dropped the first body into its final resting place. Ah, well. It shouldn't matter anyway.

(This is just a taste and intruduction of the story for this RP)

Info and General Story outline:
I'm looking forward to starting this RP and looking for 2-8 more people to join us in this adventure! Here's just the idea of the story that we will follow:
Obviously this mysterious man has entered Falkreath and is looking for the best adventurers he can find to help him with something, specifically retrieving an antient magic artifact. This artifact is very powerful and it is of Akaviri origin (Lore:Akavir - use wiki Please read up on Akaviri lore before signing up for this, it will help)
So, we are going to somehow band together to try to accomplish this task.
Later, we will find out that the mysterious man is actually working for the Akaviri nation of Ka Po' Tun who want to invade, destroy and enslave all of Tamriel.
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