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The ANBU Organization
The ANBU Organization

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by CopyNinjaLu.
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About The ANBU Organization
The ANBU Organization welcomes players who are looking for a brotherhood/sisterhood in ESO, wether you are a new player looking for guidance or a veteran searching for a group to help with veteran pledges. The ANBU is recruiting males or females that are interested in completing dungeons, quests, go skyshard hunting or just hang out anywhere in Tamriel and get to know each other! We also focus on trading to increase our guild funds and, of course, the amount of gold in your pockets! We can assign everyone a job if they're interested so it can help our guild grow. It can range from crafter, chef, mats gatherer to PVP General, financial, inner council member.

PVE: we do daily Undaunted (vet or non-vet). We can help with dungeons, quests and hunt for for shards, materials or treasure chests all over the Daggerfall Covenant!

PVP: We PVP every now and then.

TRADE/CRAFT: get together to loot cities, search for motifs, materials or simply just craft for other guild members. Once we have enough members and gold we can try and win a Guild Trader!

RAFFLES/EVENTS: We try to do events every week!

As you see there's plenty to do when you join this guild! If you're interested let me know on here or send me a message on Xbox! Thanks for your time I hope you consider joining our growing guild.
GT: CopyNinjaLu
GUILDMASTER: Leader of the guild

INNER COUNCIL: Extremely trusted and loyal member. Helps lead the guild.

PVP GENERALS: Lead our members in the battlefields of Cyrodiil.

ARMOR & WEAPON CORP: Makes weapons and armor of all sorts for the guild. (Leader(s) may be assigned)

ENCHANTERS & ALCHEMISTS: Makes glyphs and potions for the guild. (Leader(s) may be assigned)

CHEFS: Makes food/drinks for the guild.

RESOURCE CORP.: Gathers materials, ingredients and other things for the guild.

THIEVES AND LOOTERS: Gathers motifs, recipes and generate gold for the guild.

MARKETING & FINANCE: Help increase our gold gain and offer financial advice.

MEMBER: Just a member that doesn't desire a job.

RECRUIT: Brand new member that isn't eligible for a job until 5day period is over.
-Donate unwanted items into Guild Bank.
-Be social when you can.
-Donate whatever gold you can every week to keep our funds high.
-Craft for guild to help us grow stronger together.
-Be loyal to our guild!
-Be polite to other guild members.
-If you have a job assigned to you please see it through.
-If you would like a job assigned to you then let me or any of the guild higher ups know.

-Weekly raffles and events will be available when we increase in numbers.
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The ANBU Organization Comments
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Hi, Daggerfall Imperial Templar dd/healer. Lv 20. Looking for your kind of guild. Active daily. Thanks for considering. Gamer tag : xXGeoForceXx
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Daggerfall Covenant
Awesome I'm leveling a character around your level so I can definitely dungeon with ya man! I'll send you an invite
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Daggerfall Covenant
Hi I am level 48 Red-Guard/dragonknight looking for an active guild to join my Gamer tag is ReDDawggz
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