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The Army Of Assassins [US] Looking for all classes

Started by Powerpound14
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Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
I started AoA (Army of Assassins) 7 years ago and im always looking for new members. We are a group of serious passionate gamers as well as Serious ES Fans. we strive for the best we help each other out, we work hard and destroy the Competition. Hacking and cheating will not be tolerated and dead Members will Be Kicked. In Combat we utilize Teamwork most of all. We train Each other to Become the Best Guild We Can Be. I Want AoA On ESO to Be Like a Multi-Colored Tapestry . Were Going to Have Warriors Mages, Alchemists, Blacksmiths, Enchanters, Spellcrafters, Thiefs ,assassins, Rogues ETC. SO Whatever Class You Are Feel Free to Sing up for tryouts. We will Be Forming Alliances With Other Guilds For Trade, Knowledge and Combat. Now if you are new to mmo’s or rpg’s don’t let that Discourage you from trying out, like I said above we help each other in AoA. We will Help you Build your Character and help you train. I Promise you will Have a Blast Playing with AoA. Im Looking for Guys Who Are Committed, Loyal And Dedicated to ESO As Well as to AoA (The Army of Assassins)

Crafting and Trading Information:

AoA will Start Crafting Immediately on Eso on the day of release on the PS4. I hope to Have By the ESO release date two Blacksmiths at Least. 1 for Siege Weapons The other for General Weapons and Armor. I Can Confirm that we Will Have an Alchemist First Day of Release on the PS4 and he will take care of the Guilds poisons and potions and im planning on having another alchemist the first week of ESO. I Am Currently Looking For a Spellcrafter and enchanter and hope to find a couple in the first month of ESO. In 3 Months Time I Expect to have a Section of AoA on ESO Dedicated to Crafting all of the Guilds Needs.

Now Regarding Trading, I have already formed an alliance with two Trading Guilds that we will be trading with for Gold and Weapons/materials. I am always on the look out to form Trading Agreements so if you know any Clans that are looking to Trade Send me a Private Msg.

PVE Information:

AoA will Be questing For the first three months after ESO Release. This will Also give AoA Members Time to Build Their Characters .We will also be Questing through dungeons/ruins together to get a Feel of how our characters will work together, thus giving us time to tweak our characters to work more efficiently with each other also allowing us to come up with Techniques and Strategies to use in PVP as well as Bonding with Each other. PVE Is Very Important to AoA and will be Featured in the Guilds Rank Up System heavily. This is to say even when we start PVP we will still be doing PVE to keep the Skills Up and Have Fun

PVP Information:

AoA Will Be Starting PVP 3 Months after Release. This is to ensure that we have the members ,Character Quality and Materials That We Need to Perform PvP Actions. When We Start PVP Operations at first we will go out in skirmishes to get a feel for PVP and to Start Forming Battle Plans and Strategies. We will definitely Start Raiding about two weeks After we Start PVP Operations and Slowly But Surely Start Taking over keeps. If able we will also hold Inter Guild Contests(1v1 duels, ETC) for Guild Titles and Various Honors.

Roleplaying Information:

AoA Will Be Dedicating a Whole Forum Section of our website to Roleplaying. We will Also Be Setting up Role playing quests in ESO that our members can Go on to complete and Earn Various Guild Rewards . Also about a year After ESO’s Release I will be Forming A Special Group of Elite AoA Officers to Create The Four Horseman(A Roleplaying Special Forces Kind of Group)

General Guild Info and Basic Requirements to join AoA:

AoA is Based Solely on PS4.
AoA is A Daggerfall Covenant “only” Guild.
Must Be 15 Years Of Age
Must have at Least 350 Trophies on The PSN account That you will be associating with your Clan Activity.
If your interested in Trying Out Send me a Private Message and well Talk About it

Richard Cser
*****General Of The Army/AoA Leader
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