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The Ash Warrior of Morrowind

Started by PurpleSadPanda
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Firstname - Valdari
Surname - Valaron
Title - The Ash Warrior
Sex - Male
Race - Dark Elf
Age - 42
Occupation - Hired Aid, Bounty Hunter, Ex-Farmer, Guard, Innkeeper
Family - Vaden Valaron (Father), Nidali Valaron (Mother), Aralin Valaron (Wife), Sadene Valaron (Daughter)
Faction - Ebonheart Pact
Equipment - Tends to wear his usual Bonemold armor, but will use his self-made Ebony armor if a job or place seems too dangerous. Prefers using swords that he makes such as his Daedric sword.
Personality - Kind and will equally help anyone in need, but will retaliate if anyone close is threatened. Believes that following the law of any land is the best way to get by and has little or no respect for anyone who breaks the law and feels that murder of an innocent is far from redeemable.
Birthsign The Warrior
Religious Views Follows the Tribunal Daedra Azura, Boethiah and Mephala
Politics Views Typically stays out of politics, but will follow any that need or want his people's help

Valdari grew up in Blacklight, living with his father Vaden and his mother Nidali. When Valdari was 15, he met a blacksmith who made his way to Morrowind and noticed he had many books about making armor and weapons. The young Dunmer asked the smith if he could look at the books and maybe learn how to make all of those weapons and armor from the smith.
The blacksmith agreed and Valdari left his parents to go live with the smith and master the art of smithing. Six years later, when Valdari was 21, he crafted his own Daedric sword and Bonemold armor, making them into perfection. The unnamed smith told the Elf that he should go off on his own and become the greatest bandit leader to ever walk Tamriel. Valdari wished not to become those that he saw as criminals, however the smith had threatened to kill the Dark Elf if he refused further.
The Elf was left with no choice but to kill the man that had taught him all he knew about smithing and continues to use the weapon and armor he made as a reminder of what he fights against; crime, evil, and deception.

Valdari returned to his family's home once again, refusing the tell his parents about the smith's true nature, and joined the city guard in order to finally master his skill with a sword. During his time spent in his home, he met his wife Aralin while he was buying smithing supplies.
Several years later, Aralin gave birth to a daughter they named Sadene.
While Valdari mostly works as a guard for House Redoran, he also owned a farm with his wife in order to make sure his family can live a good life in their home.
However, due to the difficulty of running a farm in the desert wasteland of Morrowind, he moved to Anvil, Cyrodiil with his family where his wife and daughter now run the "Fiery Dunmer" Inn to have a steady income while he's busy with his guard duties or other events that keep him away from his family.

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Valdari Valaron
Self-Declared Dominion Faction Mother
And Lord High Ragamuffin
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