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The Ballad of Dromik Horn-Blower, Chapter 3

Started by spartan1314
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Dromik's senses returned to him and his hearing could detect the echoes of Annatha's scream still echoing through the sky. So Tsun was right. No time had passed since his death...or did he truly die? He didn't know.

He opened his eyes in time to see Sharfur stepping over him and walking over to where Dromik's friends stood. The clearing was silent, all fighting having stopped after Sharfur stabbed Dromik. Dromik stayed still for a few moments, waiting to see what would happen. Sharfur was laughing. He spoke to the warriors, who were still in a circle, surrounded by the bandits.

"It seems your great leader could not stand up to a simple brigand. I guess your "Nord warrirors" are not all they are cracked up to be." His baritone laugh echoed.

"You milk-drinking traitor! You did not even best him in battle! You scum-sucking skeever ass! You had you men shoot him and stabbed him while he could not move!" yelled Annatha. The sound of her voice was racked with emotional pain.

Sharfur laughed again. "You see, young maiden, I don't have any quams about that. I don't care how I kill you, as long as you are dead and I am not. Though are fairly pretty. I think I will have my men spare you, and your pretty blonde head can live with me for the rest of your life."

"I'd rather be eaten by mudcrabs and skinned by a Sabre Cat." spat Annatha.
"You will get used to it. Besides, with this horn, if what is said about it is true, I will become the leader of the biggest bandit group in all of Tamriel. Maybe, I'll even make the Emperor make me an earl, or I'll bleed the Empire dry. Gods know it can't take any of that now."

Dromik heard the sound of someone spitting, and the wet smack of saliva hitting flesh.
"See, I will cure you of that little....disobedience."

Another voice came out of Dromik's group. This was also a deep baritone. Mathius, a long-time Shield-Brother of Dromik's.

"You will curse the day you struck down Dromik, Redguard. Him and I have killed men stronger and more honorable then you. By the gods as my witness', you will not survive this day."

Sharfur sighed. "I am tired of this word bandying. Men, kill all but the girl. Loot the bodies."

Dromik knew his time to listen was over. He stood up fast, and whirled around to see Sharfur facing his warriors. He moved toward him as fast as he could. He say the other bandits draw there weapons and slowly move towards the group. Dromik reached down and felt for his sword. He drew it, finding it was the one Tsun had given him. As he drew it, a metallic peal sounded across the clearing. Sharfur turned around to find Dromik inches from him, with a sword at his throat.

Dromik looked Sharfur in the eye. "I'll be taking my horn back now, if it please you." He pushed the sword through Sharfur's neck, cutting muscle and bone as if it were nothing. Sharfur's body fell to the ground, and his head rolled away. A silvery strand of essence flowed from Sharfur's heart, and dissapeared into the emerald in Reaper's pommel.

Dromik picked up the horn and looked around at everyone staring at him, his warriors and the bandits, with shocked faces.
He raised the horn to his lips and blew. The noise that echoed forth was deep, smooth and loud. His friend's seemed to grown taller, stronger, and a wild blood-lust lept into thier eyes. The bandits grew pale, and started to shake. After the sounded ended, one bandit yelled and dropped his weapon. He turned and fled. The rest quickly followed suit.

Dromik's warriors looked at him, in his new armor, with a new sword. Their faces all had many emotions, from awe to shock, confusion and mirth.
Dromik took off his helmet, revealing his two different colored eyes, blue and green. He was grinning.

"Anyone miss me?"

The End of "The Ballad of Dromik Horn-Blower", Chapter 3
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