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The Ballad of Dromik Horn-Blower, Chapter 4

Started by spartan1314
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Annatha was the first to move. She screamed with joy and ran at Dromik, who, even though Annatha was light and he was wearing heavy armor, still stumbled backward from the impact her flying hug.

"I thought you were gone!" she sobbed. Then she stepped back, and with tears still in her eyes, slapped him across the cheek. "That's for making me think you were dead." Then she stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek. "That's for coming back to me." She smiled sheepishly and stood close to him.

By that time, the other warriors had gotten over there various emotions and to greet Dromik. He shook their hands and gots rough pats on the back. Mathius walked over after the rest had greeted him. He stood in front of Dromik for a few moments. Then, he quickly drew his sword and rapped Dromik hard on the head with the flat of the blade.

"OW!" Dromik complained "What in Shor's Bones was that for!?"

"Thats for not staying dead long enough for me to avenge you." He grasped Dromik's forearm and Dromik did the same in return.

"It's good to have you back, brother. But your gonna have to explain how you did that, being dead and all."

Dromik frowned. His throat felt dry, and he had never been so hungry in his life.
"Let's head to the nearest tavern first. I need some ale and something to eat. Apparently, coming back from the dead is hard work."


They sat around the table at a tavern whose name had long been forgotten, and the sign outside had long been blown away. Yet the tavern was owned and run with a decent hand. Each warrior sat with a mug of ale in front of them. Dromik sat at the head of the table, with Annatha to his right and Mathius to his left. After Dromik had some food (seared slaughterfish with a side of crushed nirnroot mixed with apples and carrots) and washed it down with the ale (which he could have gone for more of, as it had a rough first taste, but sweetened and reminded him of the snowberries in the mountains), he proceeded to tell them what had occurred after Sharfur had stabbed him. He told them of how he woke in Sovangarde, his conversation with Tsun, the gifts given to him and, finally, of the third gift that would appear in this world. When he was done, they all sat in silence, thinking about what Dromik said.

Mathius was the first to speak. "Well, we know what you were charged to do, and ignoring the gods is definitlet and extremely dangerous pastime, but do we even know where this guys is, or what we will be facing?"

Dromik nodded in agreement. Mathius, the strongest believer of the group of the Nord way of life, would not question Tsun and Shor without good reason. Tsun had been vague about what he was facing. He had said the gods couldn't see anything about this man, but Dromik suspected he knew more than he had said, and did not want to scare Dromik away before he even started the quest.

"I guess we will just have to be ready for anything." Annatha said through her mug of ale. She was on her fourth round, while the rest were on thier first or second. Dromik and Mathius liked to joke that her hair was the same color as most mead, (a darker shade of blond) becuase she drank so much of it. She could drink any of the warriors present under the table.

"Who said your going with me?" Dromik growled.

"Me." She reached for his mug and drained the rest. She leaned back in her chair. "Don't even try to argue. I lost you once and I'm not losing you again. Im coming, and thats final."

Dromik opened his mouth to argue, but Mathuis spoke up again.

"Keep your mouth closed Dromik. She's not gonna listen to you. And I'm going with you too."

Dromik stood, slamming his fist on the table.

"NO! None of you are coming! This is my quest, and none of you are risking your lives for me!"

Mathius stood with him. Mathius had always been slightly taller than Dromik, but it had never bothered him. Now Dromik cursed the fact he was smaller than his long time friend.

"We are coming with you, and by Shor's almighty beard, thier is nothing besides putting a blade through our hearts that will stop us!" Mathius rumbled.
Dromik glowered at him. He could see the stubbornness in Mathius' face. He glanced at Annatha, and saw the same rock-solid determination their.

Fine. You and Annatha can come." He looked at all of the other warriors. "But the rest of you are staying here."

Shouts erupted from each of the warriors as they all tried to argue, thier words drowning in the tide of arguments.

"NO! No one else is coming with us! Thats final!" Dromik yelled this so loud that the bartender, a old Dark Elf, jumped in surprise, and many of the patrons, deep in thier cups, coughed up the sip they had just taken. He continued on in a softer tone. " I need the rest of you to remain here. Just because im going somewhere doesnt mean thier will be a shortage on bandits. You all must stay here and continue our work."

The others grumbled, but after hearing the tone of Dromiks voice, none wished to argue further.

"So it's settled. Annatha, Mathius and myself."

"Aye." grunted Mathius.

"Aye." said Annatha, though it was garbled through another mug of ale she had found somewhere.

"Theirs only one problem. We have no idea where we are going, or what we are facing or what we should be doing." Dromik stated.

"That is a problem." giggled Annatha. She had finally hit tipsy.

They all sat in silence, thinking of how to proceed from here. Out of the silence, a large thud came from the door, and again, and again. Then silence pervaded once more.

The old bartender looked up from the mug he was cleaning. He shuffled to the door and opened it. He started a bit, then stood still, listening. He nodded to the unseen person outside and closed the door. He proceed to shuffle over to Dromik's table.

"He was looking for you three." He pointed to Dromik, Annatha and Mathius. "He said he was sent to help you on your quest." The man shuffled away.

Dromik sat, stunned. No one would have guessed he would have been here, and even if they had, no one outside his group knew of the quest.

Mathius chuckled. "Fate seems to have an interest in your affairs, brother. Let us find what the gods have left us outside, shall we?

End of The Ballad of Dromik Horn-Blower, Chapter 4

Dromik- Large, muscular Nord, greatsword fighter, part-time mercenary.
Guinevere Löthbrok- Smaller Nord with a fast axe, sharp tongue and merciless nature.
Fälondreth- Quiet, quick Bosmer bowman, nomad, nature-lover.
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