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The Beginning Of Destiny

Started by Kruziik_Bron
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During the days when dragons were plentiful there lived a small Nord village at the base of an ancient mountain that never got cold and always remained warm and unknown to anyone or anything. You see the dark days had began for the dragons because of Alduin's actions, however a small group of dragons fled to this ancient mountain to take refuge not knowing that there were humans already there. It was at dusk and just by fate there happen to be a blizzard coming, The village chief and his four year old son happen to be the only two humans outside the safety of the village visiting the child's mother's grave when a black dragon a follower of Alduin landed five hundred feet away from them. The village chief stared at the towering ebony tinted behemoth in silence and slowly pushed his young son behind him, then the Nord shouted "Dragon! I do not know if you can understand me, but i rather avoid battle that isn't necessary". The dragon seemingly paid no mind to the man or his words for his interest was in the boy, he started to move his large form and began to slowly approach the two it let out a thunderous roar. The Nord looked back at his frightened son and patted his head, then he reached his right hand over his left shoulder and tightly gripped his battle axe and pulled it over in a offensive stance, the battle axe believed to have been used by Talos himself glowed gold with a warm aura around it. As the village chief said only these words to his son "Wait here", he charged the dragon full speed letting out a war cry he leapt into the air as the dragon opened it's mouth filled with rows of razor sharp teeth to chomp down on the Nord, the Nord released his battle axe letting it fall to the ground behind him and quickly reached both arms behind his back and pulled out two dwarven daggers and plunged them into the dragon's eyes. The dragon let out a pain filled roar that busted the Nord's left eardrum then it flung him to the ground with a shake of it's head. The Nord fell onto the unforgiving ground from a great height landing on his left arm and breaking it at the joints, he let out an agonizing scream as he felt bone splinter out of his skin and heard the sickening snap of the bone. To keep from fainting the Nord bit off a small part of his tongue, then he got to his feet quickly and grabbed his battle axe with his right hand and charged the now blind dragon that was thrashing about, the Nord adjusted his hand on the battle axe gripping it just up under the other side of the blade and waited for an opening. Just as the dragon turned and started to breathe fire the Nord rolled under the flames and plunged the blade into the dragon's chest with all his might, in that instant all the noise vanished and the dragon's head lowered as blood poured out of it's mouth down onto the village chief. As the dragon fell down on it's side the Nord fell to his knees struggling to catch this breath. The chief's son rushed to him hugging his father from behind crying, he turned around and sat facing his son then he noticed that there were seven dragons surrounding them. The Nord hadn't noticed that they landed during his battle, the chief being unable to much managed to stand feeling light headed with a headache and bleeding with a broken left arm. He said to his son "Get behind me, and i shall fight for you until i fall my son".....

To Be Continued..
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Good setup, only a few grammar mistakes and very entertaining. I would read more


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