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The Beheading of Nchokringel

Started by Idriar
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It was long after Ysgramor and his five hundred companions took Skyrim, and it was long after the end of the Snow Prince, when our Nord ancestors and those Elves were not at war, but not at peace either. Nchokringel, a Dwemer woman most deplorable, came to the rebuilt city of Saarthal and demanded entrance, acting like a merchant. Maybe she was a merchant and nothing else. She did have wares with her, and our ancestors were curious to see her goods, for they knew the magic metal of the Dwemer. But also they feared the woman could be a spy and were reluctant to let an Elf into their city.

They came to Horl the Wise, who was something like the Jarl. He listened to his people`s hopes and fears. Then he thought about it while Nchokringel had to wait at the gates. When Horl found no answer he turned to his daughter and his son.

Lydgeir, Horl´s son, who was an angry warrior with the strenght of his father, said:

"Let that hag pry about! We show her the morons of our city! Let´s call them all, the village idiots and imbeciles, the unwashen numskulls from the Faleyrk wastes and the forest! Let us catch a troll and stuff it into the skirt most slinky! Make the beast dance in every street that hag is walking! Nchokringel shall see a weak, wrong Saarthal here! When they attack their surprise will be their end!"

Throya, Horl´s daughter, who was a foresighted enchantress with the sharp mind of her father, said:

"No! What that hag is going to see is a Saarthal under weapons! From the lowest to the highest, all shall bear their weapons when walking on the street. The peasants and poors shall be handed weapons from our weaponry! Steel, swords and horns! This is all that hag is allowed to see! Nchokringel shall shudder by the strenght, our wrong strenght, she will see! They will flee whenever our name is mentioned!"

Horl thought about what his children told him. Thinking about both plans the Jarl was impressed by his children´s planning. But Horl did not like lies and tricks and no plan satisfied him fully. So he went to the highest hall of Saarthal and wielded his voice to the sky, seeking an answer to his question from whoever was hearing his call. And it was a dragon who shouted down at him TINVAAK! And so Horl told the dragon the plan of his son Lydgeir and the plan of his daughter Throya. Three days later the dragon answered ROH! And Horl meditated about the meaning of this answer.

Finally Horl the Wise returned to his children and declared that none of their plans would be followed. And both were unhappy and resented each other and their father. But Horl, turning to the people of Saarthal, said:

"We will let Nchokringel enter the city. Treat her like any other outlander trader. Maybe she is a merchant, maybe she is a spy. Only Shor knows. But don´t act any else only because a stranger is in the city. If a spy sees a too weak Saarthal, our enemies won´t hesitate to attack us. But if a spy sees a too strong Saarthal, our enemies will hide away, and there won´t be trade nor words no more."

And so Nchokringel was allowed to enter Saarthal. Lydgeir and Throya both followed the Dwemer woman, unknowing that their sibling was doing the same. But Nchokringel was not going to spy. She stayed at the marketplace and her room, and only walked the streets that were between these. She did not look at the wall around the city. She did not look at the stables or the sturdy horses there. She did not look at the guards and warriors and did not count their number.

After a few days, our suspicious ancestor grew happy to have Nchokringel in Saarthal. The people who buyed her Dwarven equipment were pleased by the magic metals: they praised Nchokringel and the ease her machines brought to their homes. But not only the commoners were happy: when Nchokringel had sold all her goods to the people of Saarthal, she herself took the coins and walked from merchant to merchant, spending nearly all her money, buying pelts, horker tusks, Dreugh oil, mother-of-pearl and many other expensive things.

But Nchokringel knew that she followed by the Jarl´s children. So she thought it was the Jarl who was mistrusting her and decided to play a trick on him. On the last day of her stay she prepared a gift for Horl the Wise. She sealed a brass box and went to the Jarl´s hall.

Horl was curious what kind of present the Dwemer would bring and greeted her. He called for his children, that they would see the gift, too. They stepped out from the shadow and walked up to their father, still angry at him and at their sibling.

Nchokringel opened the box... and it was empty. Lydgeir and Throya looked at each other, wondering what this should mean. Finally a young warrior of Horl´s household dared to ask:

"Where is Horl´s gift? This is just an empty box!"

But Nchokringel smiled and said.

"Of course. For you it´s only an empty box. But actually it contains nothing but the Axe of Change, only known as the Axchange, an artifact of greatest value and enchantment. Only those with a strong will, a heart of soul-metal and a mind as keen as the time can see it. It was wielded by the hero of Nduchadzal in the battle of Rkutz. Crafted by Chubautz the smith of king Hatzrudnuach and..."

And she talked and talked, bemuseing the ears and minds of everybody with the most fantastic stories and names most inexpressible. Finally everyone believed the invisible Axchange to be in this very box. Everyone but Hrol the Wise.

Still he accepted the gift, for he had no interest in offending the Dwemer woman, even if she was offending him with an empty box. Hrol thanked her and sealed the box again, ordering it to be locked away in the deepest chambers of the armory, saying that it was a weapon far too terrible to be ever used, even if he knew the box to be empty.

But his children were not as wise as their father. They could see the Axchange in the box, and dreamed of the might the wielder of such a weapon would have. Lydgeir wanted the weapon to crash his enemies and become the mightiest warrior. Throya wanted the weapon to learn from its enchantments and become the mightiest enchantress. Both then wanted to replace their father as Jarl of Saarthal and end their sibling.

While Horl wished Nchokringel farwell and a good yourney for the other day, his children left the hall secretly and followed the warriors who transported the empty box of Axchange to the armory. When the guards were gone, returning to their master, Lydgeir and Throya stepped out of the shadows of the armory, suddenly facing each other. In the moment they saw their sibling they knew what the other was after.

They both jumped forward, tearing the box open. Both of them grabbed thin air, but they raised their arms assumed victorious, both believing to hold Axchange in their hand.

Laughing at each other, they swung their empty hands angrily, thinking that the other one was just acting to wield Axchange, to confuse them. They circled each other until they attacked, hitting each other with bare hands. Soon Lydgeir and Throya realised that none of them hold a weapon in their hands. For a moment their raging battle faltered and they turned to the brass box, believing Axchange was still in there. But then Lydgeir drew a real axe, while Throya readied her spells.

Alarmed by sounds of a battle, Horl the Wise hurried to the armory. With horror he found there his daughter Throya, slaughtered by the axe of her brother, and his son Lydgeir, burnt and frozen by the magic of his sister. Horl fell to his knees and bemoaned the corpses of his children. Until his eye fell on the empty brass box.

The next day, before Nchokringel had even packed her things, she was summoned in the Jarl´s hall. She was worried that the Jarl was angry at her for the empty box, but the guards forced her to follow. Nchokringel was taken aback as she saw Lydgeir´s and Throya´s corpses lying in state, ready for their burial. Wondering why the children of the Jarl, who had been following her, were dead, she saw Hrol the wise appear, his face a mask of pain and fury.

"You! This is your work! My children fought over the cursed Axchange you brought into my hall! There cannot be another punishment but death for this deed!"

Nchokringel looked around in fear. She could not believe that a trick, a mockery, now would be her end. The surrounding people of Saarthal nodded, forgetting about the magic metal Nchokringel brought, forgetting about all the coins the Dwemer woman had spent. She realised that she would die this day, so she wanted to die mocking Hrol and his loss.

"Then, oh mighty and merciful Horl, I ask for nothing but a quick death. If you allow, Axchange shall be the weapon that ends my life."

Horl snorted with rage as he heard this last wish. Then laughed.

"So shall it be. I know your lie. Now I will reveal it to everyone before you die by my hands!"

So Horl the Wise pushed the deathsman aside and grabbed into the brass box, acting as if he was pulling out the heavy weapon, the much vaunted, yet invisible Axchange. He laughed as he forced Nchokringel to bow down, placing her neck on the chock block. He raised his arms into the air, his hands empty, smiling down on the Dwemer, while she was smiling up to him. After a moment that felt endless to everybody Horl let his arms go down and Nchokringel´s head rolled over the floor.

This was the first time ever that blood was spilled and life ended by the most feared weapon of all, Axchange, which came to place by the rage and sorrow of Horl the Wise. Rumours say that this weapon sparked wars, killed dragons and even scared the Daedric Princes with its might. Word is that it vanished the day the Dwemer vanished. Others say it was tossed into the sea by the Psijics, shout into the sky be the Greybeards, afraid that its might could be a threat to the entire Mundus. But that´s wrong, very wrong...

You doubt my story? You say you´ve never heard of Axchange? Of Horl and his children? Of Nchokringel? Well...

Then you probably think my hand is empty right now, don´t you...?

Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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