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The Black Hand : Aldmeri Dominion : PvP, PvM, RolePlaying

Started by TheUltimatumWolf
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Likes Received: 22
Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Name Of Guild: The Black Hand
Guild Leader: TheUltimatumWolf
Main Focus: PvP, Roleplaying, Crafting
Time Zone: Mainly Eastern
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion

We are a stealthy clan looking forward mainly to PvP. This Guild is a Friendly guild looking for new members who will be active in our community. We are aiming to get around 100 ACTIVE members. We are about halfway there as well. If you are a member and haven't signed up on the website, please do so. If you are not a member and are wanting to join, please go to the web link. More information on our guild is provided on the website and on our guild page.

"Welcome to the Family, fellow Assassin."
Leader of The Black Hand (AD)(Still Recruiting)
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