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The Bladedancers

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Kaltoc.
Post #1959
About The Bladedancers

We are a Heavy Role-Playing Redguard guild in TES:O and will be an active part of the RP Community within the game. We are players who find the world of the Redguard to be intriguing and wish to see it come to life in the form of Role-Play. We want to encourage RP throughout the region of Hammerfell (we will spend time in the other regions of the DFC, though the Guild as a whole is based in Hammerfell).

If you're interested in joining the guild then head on over to our website (, have a look around and put in your application.

What you can expect from us:

-Friends you can enjoy all aspects of the game with.
-A steady group of players/characters that you can develop and advance your own storylines and character with.
-Guild wide storylines; being able to be a part of and influence stories that affect the entire guild. (And eventually hopefully inter-guild storylines, those are always fun!)
-A guild active in the RP Community and its events.
-A drama free, easy going environment

What we expect from you:

-We ask that you have a grasp on the lore of TES:O and on the Redguard culture, or will put forth an effort to do so.
-While previous experience Role-Playing is not required, we do expect a solid understanding of the English language and the ability to write out full sentences when Role-Playing. (No 'lols' or 'wtf' when typing IC please)
-An appropriate character name and believable story for said character (Legolas and Half Dragons need not apply)
-The ability to differentiate between what happens IC and OOC. IC drama can lead to some great RP, OOC drama just leads to unneeded problems and will not be tolerated. We're all friends here and there's no reason for any hate to arise between us.


Founded by Kaltoc, a wandering master of the Way of the Sword, The Bladedancers were created in the likeness of the Sword Singers of old in response to the war for the crown, the sudden increase in demonic activity, and the chaos that spreads in the wake of such events. Dedicated foremost to the Way of the Sword The Bladedancers can be found all throughout Hammerfell aiding their people whenever and wherever they can. They actively seek out threats to Hammerfell both within and oustide of its borders, cutting down those who would make them their enemy. While the group has no interest in the crown itself, bands of Bladedancers can often be found in the war torn province of Cyrodiil, fighting alongside their allies within the Covenant.
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The Bladedancers Comments
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Aldmeri Dominion
Hey good luck whit your guild ^^

I am the leader off the guild WAR CRY:
And we looking for more member we are a hardcore PVP/AvA guild.
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
How do i go about joining this guild. I am going to be a Redguard so i was looking for a Redguard clan to be a part of.

Sorry for the double post. Since you want the guild to be reminiscent of the Sword Singers then the guild would have to be excellent forgers as the Sword-Singers once was. The guild men would be known as "Brothers of the Blade" and women "Maiden of the Spirit Sword". Ranking wise Ansei which lore wise is the highest rank you can achieve by summoning a spirit sword so is the guild going to have a something to do to rank up like that?
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I am a Knight of the Broken Blades, I will serve my brothers with honor and integrity and will always uphold the code of the Broken Blade

Join us here
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Hey ViolatedMonkey,

To join you can head on over to our website and apply. Just have to answer a few questions and you're good to go.

While the guild will be reminiscent of the Sword Singers it wont be exactly the same. We dedicate ourselves to the Book of Circles and to the mastery of war and seek to put our abilities to use in the aid and protection of the Redguard people both within Hammerfell and on the Front in Cyrodiil. Smithing will not be a requirement, and as far as the ranking goes I haven't decided on anything yet (Always open to suggestions!). Likely there will only be a few ranks, and with every promotion will definitely come a trial. In regards to the Shehai it is my understanding that by this time the knowledge and ability to create them is all but lost (correct me if I'm wrong). We will have to see in game abilities and the like to see if there is any supporting of such a skill, but for now I would say summoning a Shehai won't be a part of the guild.

Hope I answered your questions, if you have any more feel free to ask.

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Ebonheart Pact
is this still a thing?
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