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The Blood - Mercenary Guild Recruiting

Started by Rabio
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Hello. I am starting up a mercenary guild for ESO and Im looking for other players to join with me. I dont like to stay tied down to any one faction and love seeing what they all have to offer. What better way to do that than in a mercenary guild. It will be called The Blood for two reasons. We fight to honor the blood that we spill in battle and the blood of our fallen comrades. And because we are savage and efficient at what we do. Join me and help me make a Mercenary Guild that will be able to challenge the factions themselves and we will carve our own names into the game not as the players who lead their faction to victory, but as the ones that said to hell with the factions and took Tamriel for their own.

Join me and let us build this guild together.

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You will go on my list =]
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