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The Blood Tale

Started by Foll Fox
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(this is what would be an extended in depth version of my characters backstory. Hope you enjoy)
Malar was a young boy living with his family in Morrowind close to the point where the 3 provinces of Skyrim, Morrowind, and Cyrodiil. He was a young boy barely old enough to wield a sword when he was kidnapped. He was supposed to be taken to be food for a nest of vampires. He was broken free by a group of rouge assassins. They took him in and gave him a home. Over then next several years Malar grew and so did his strength and wisdom in the art of stealth and killing. He had learned techniques in distracting guards and how to disappear into shadows. He had, with the aid of his mentor, honed his ability granted by his birth sign, The Shadow. Malar knew he needed a name that rolled off of the tongue easier so he chose the fox, due to his fascination with there ability to blend into there environment.
The group was comprised of outcasts and rouges from all diffrent types of races. There were Nords, Dunmer, Argonians, Khajiit and even some Orsimer. The group was a family they worked together like a well oiled machine. They had committed crimes all across Tamriel, ranging from murder to theft. They never stayed in one spot to long and never left a trace that they were there, or so they thought. After pulling off a very nice heist in Hammerfell they decided to head to Skyrim for some Nordic mead and to count there loot. They choose to use one of the caves they liked the best and went through the usual set up and had the place warmed up and cozy in no time, but they still needed food and drink so they sent fox on horse back to gather supplies. Upon his return from town Fox sense something was wrong when the usual guard spots were empty. He readied his swords for battle. He entered the cave and found a group of people sitting by the fire with there back to him. When he approached he heard something move behind him, but before he could react a pack of vampires was already on him and knocked him out. Fox awoke to find himself sitting beside 5 others on his knees, hands and feet tied, before him stood a very tall and powerful vampire, the creature looked to him and told him he had a choice, either accept the gift of the vampire or die like the rest of the group. Fox looked to his friend and shook his head yes, the vampire bit into fox and the next three days he was in and out of consciousness. He awoke on the forth day feeling extremely thirsty. He could see in-front of him one of his old friends with slashed on his chest. Fox broke his restraints and began feeding off of his friend, and in the end killed him. Fox finally broke the blood trance and looked around there were similar tables and broken shackle marks in five other spots around the room. Fox knew his friends had said yes and most likely had awoken the same way he did. He stood up and felt a strength that he had never even dreamed about. He walked to the door and found his gear sitting there with an addition of a black cloak and cowl. He brushed it off at first and was going to leave it but then the sun began to shine through the window in the room and he felt the slight burn, so he took the cloak and put it on over his gear. He exited the room to find several guards waiting for him. He noticed on as the one who had knocked him out by its smell. He drew his blade killing and dusting every single one. Fox walked a little farther to find his turned friends sitting in a cell he grabbed the key and unlocked the door. They walked out and greeted him with open arms. They said that they had tried the same thing when they woke up and were captured and caged. Fox told them that they needed to kill every single vampire in this building so they began moving through the castle working as one with there new speed and strength. They wiped out every vampire in there past before reaching the main chamber. The Head vampire the one who had changed Fox looked at the group and began to clap. He announced that he was glad he was the one to change Fox he knew he would be powerful and went on to say that he wanted him to lead his army of vampires to wipe out Riften and the thieves guild. Fox replied by firing an arrow into the creatures knee and the group of assassins used there newly acquired powers to wipe out the rest of the vampires and they then cut the Head Vampires head off and watched him turn to ash in front of their eyes. The group knew they had removed a great threat but now they carried a curse that would ruin any chance at a normal life. The group went back and began to bury their dead comrades. Then they tried to begin recruiting but of course only those with a secret agenda wants to work with vampires, be it to destroy them or try and gain their curse to cause havoc. The group then decided to seclude themselves and just live off the land. They had done well for many months until one night, Fox went to chase down some game for them to feed on, upon his return he found a group of Nords slashing through his friends hearts ashing them where they stand. He drew his bow and let out a set of 3 arrows that all pierced into the first enemies chest killing him instantly. He then charged in with his swords drawn and decapitated the next one. The last was a burlier Nord, fox slashed punched and kicked only to have the same return to him. The Nord looked to him and smiled saying your a powerful one aren't you. Fox stood up his wounds already beginning to heal. Fox replied with a smile and slashed at the nord cutting into his eye. Fox strode over the fallen man and told him one thing, you are to run back to your village and warn anyone that dares step foot onto my land to be prepared to die. The Nord knew he was bested and left, Fox went inside and put a set of gear that was pieced together from his fallen comrades. It was a full black set of leather armor. He gathered arrows and daggers and then walked outside, he then used a scroll of fireball and set the building ablaze. He put his Cowl up and began his endless journey of wandering. Who knows who he will meet or who he will befriend, only time will tell.

Well if you are reading this thanks for taking the time to read the story i appreciate it. Sorry about the grammar and spelling i am not the best at it. if you would like another story about Fox or maybe the Nord, maybe even a completely diffrent character.
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