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The Bloody Sword
The Bloody Sword

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : Other
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Jothan.
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About The Bloody Sword
All Ebonheart Pact members, listen up! Join The Bloody Sword! A guild of hard-core role-players planned to, eventually, rise to dominance within our faction, but we can't do it without you!

We have based The Bloody Sword on a very realistic premise, there are ranks, in-game rewards, weapons and armour, and we'll be paying any members in-game for any services done for the guild.


Ranks are a necessity in our guild, we will be ranking up any members who help our guild in any way possible, for instance, one of our higher ranked members takes over a keep of farm, that member will get in-game gold, weapons and armour anything of their liking. Once our characters have ranked up high enough, they will be given in-game tasks to complete for their services through the course of their time in the guild.


We have a very democratic system where roughly 70% of the time, the members will decide what the guild does. We want the best for our members, that is why this system is in place.


To take the blood-oath and join our guild, just head over to our guild website: and hit register.

In the end, we are a great guild and i'm sure your time with us will be time well spent. The Bloody Sword! We fight! We kill! We win!
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