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The... body mod/tattoo thread?

Started by Aglow
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Do we have one? Can I make one? I love to see everyone's art work and body mods (so long as it's SFW, haha).

As for myself, I have 4 total tattoos, two of which count as a WIP sleeve. My ears are slightly gauged, and my septum is pierced. My tattoo artist is Liz Gruesome @ Smokin' Guns in Fay, NC. A babe of a woman with award-winning talent.

Here's my elephant, which is a part of my sleeve. This will have color added, in a 'splash' watercolor style of shades of pink.
[Image: 11672_560097440675339_515465840_n.jpg]

This is my peacock to go with the elephant. The tusk of the elephant will be blended in with color to create a seamless, flowing piece. I swear I'm not as sickly thin as this photo makes me look. I'm healthy, I promise!
[Image: 1006172_615797628438653_1821486371_n.jpg]

This is the custom artwork a friend painted for me for the tattoo artist. We'll be going with this coloring effect, as well.
[Image: 7948_613770831974666_1848602555_n.jpg]
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I'll post a few of mine. This isn't a complete collection of all my work and certainly not the best shots ever, lol.

[Image: AGifE2z.jpg]

Right side of my chest. Dedicated to my mother.

[Image: 53L1g46.jpg]

Left side of my chest. First tattoo ever.

[Image: LO9StZH.jpg]

Just underneath my collarbone. Latin. Means "Peace Rests With Strength." Makes you think of the many possible meanings of that phrase.

[Image: 9XzwtYI.jpg]

Right inner forearm. Family tree with all my kids names in the branches.

[Image: NoZSvizs.jpg]

My wife's name on my left inner forearm. This one isn't done actually. We wrote our own vows for our wedding, and I'm going to get the abbreviated version just underneath her name.

[Image: HsWP16Ks.jpg]

Kanji-Peace. Front right side of my shoulder.

[Image: MxsCFjgs.jpg]

Kanji-Strength. Front left side shoulder.

I hope to eventually tie everything together on my chest and shoulders together into one piece, but I haven't quite figured out how I want to do it yet.
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I have a single tattoo on my right upper arm. It was done by a guy named Noah from Anti-hero Tattoo in Everett, WA. It's of a character named Drizzt Do'Urden from the Forgotten Realms series of books by R. A. Salvatore. In many of the books, Salvatore makes Drizzt do a kind of self-reflection between the chapters about himself, his friends, and other things going on around him. Many of these really resonated with me, and so in honor of that character I got a tattoo of him. I'll see about getting a picture of it on here.

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