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The Brotherhood
The Brotherhood

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by MasterofKhaos.
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About The Brotherhood
The Brotherhood

About Us:

The Brotherhood is a gaming community formed in March 2012. Originally designed as a guild for Guild Wars 2, we have since expanded into other MMOs. We have active chapters in SWTOR, League of Legends, GW2, WoW (Alliance and Horde) and are highly excited about our upcoming chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online. We’re a community founded on the ideals of Loyalty, Bravery and Truth. We pride ourselves in being honest people and gamers. As gamers we tend to range from semi-hardcore to hardcore. Even though we seek to be the best in our play, we do realize that Real Life always comes first.

What Makes [TBH] Different?

There are thousands of communities out there. Hundreds here in TESO. The thing that sets us apart is that we’re a community who isn’t concerned about numbers. We focus on building a relationship with every single one of our members. Our main member status is Brother/Sister, and we truly think of each other as family. This is demonstrated by our Member spotlights on our website as well our member introduction threads where we all introduce ourselves. We’re very active on VOIP, whether we’re in game or not. It’s a vessel for strengthening our bonds and ties to one another.


We have a simple structure that extends across all of our games. It is as follows:

High Council- The leaders of the Brotherhood. They work to ensure the growth and development of the community as a whole and are not the heads of departments within any single game.

Councilors- These members are the head of their chosen game community. 1 per game chapter as a general rule, unless otherwise specified.

Centurion- Officers of the Brotherhood, They regulate matters within their specific game and the community as a whole. For sake of clarity, the relevant chapter in which they hold this position will be denoted on TS and the website.

Dedicated- Loyal, Honest and True to the core; These members of the Brotherhood are stellar examples of the characters that we call Brothers and Sisters.

Brothers/Sisters- Members of the Brotherhood that follow the Code and hold themselves to a high set of values.

Fresh Blood- New recruits of the Brotherhood. They are permitted provisional status until they are promoted to Brother/Sister.

Closing Message:

Whether or not you take the time to apply to our community, we appreciate you reading this post. Feel free to check out our website at We hope to see you soon!

** We have not decided on an Allegiance for TESO yet. You will not be limited to playing our specific allegiance in game, but you will asked to refrain from playing a different Alliance in the World PvP section of the game.**
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The Brotherhood Comments
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I thought i would go ahead and create a thread here as well. My name is LoRD FiRE but i just go by the name FiRE in-game. It has been almost a year now since i joined TBH and I really truely can call this guild my home. I have been in many other games and guild but none have come even close to this family. The people here are so friendly and curious to each other and you will never find a better guild to be part of. I love this guild and hope that you will choose to make this guild your home as well. I look forward to seeing you all in game, and to playing this AWESOME game when with you all when it comes out!
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Hello guys/gals,

My name is Rimeraz and I have been in TBH for a long time now, forget how long because I didn't keep track. I took a short hiatus for awhile due to personal matters but I have returned to help TBH grow and prosper in TESO. This guild is one of the best guilds that I could have ever joined just because everyone treats you like an actual brother/sister. I can safely say that it is a 100% guarantee that once you join this guild, you will never want to look to join another just because of what we have to offer and all the support we have.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Other than that, give us a visit and I hope to see you soon! :)
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