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The Cleansing
The Cleansing

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Caine Unchained.
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About The Cleansing
[Image: newcleansing_zps4709d4edreverted_zps74413049.png]

To Apply:
Recruiting status: OPEN

The Cleansing is a Casual-Core multi-gaming guild that was formed by two individuals who became great friends in the military, and simply got tired of playing with guids in MMOs that just tried to do way too much. We founded Cleansing on the ideals of an ACTUAL tight-knit mentality, friendship, dedication, and longevity. One thing to bring these virtues to the forefront is PvP; ripping the opposing party apart one by one will bring nothing but pleasure for us all, so why not do it with people you actually ENJOY being around.

We’re not here to pretend we’re the best in the business at anything, but rather a group that is known for its camaraderie, accountability, and honor to the faction. When other guilds see The Cleansing above our names, the first thing that should come to their minds is “Those guys always show up at big PvP battles.” Help us make that statement, and reshape the values a group of strangers-turned-guild- mates can make.

Camaraderie is our biggest push on our members. We want this guild to transcend any one mmo and move forth to other games if necessary, and having a solid friendship between each other only strengthens that possibility. We want everyone to know everyone, and if that means having a much smaller guild that most of the zergs ones that are available, then so be it. I want to know you, the player, and enjoy myself in a casual conversation while obliterating the competition. Along with that, we are hoping to bolster our ranks using friendship tokens, or having our members invite friends to the guild, keeping somewhat of a circular pattern to our community. Again, we all want to know everyone else.

Accountability. You can bet your bottom dollar that there won’t be any ghost accounts here; what you see is what you get. Again, we’re not interested in a zerg guild, or even a 70 man guild with 50 accounts attached to it that hasn’t been active in over three months. Every member will be expected to be active and engaged in daily duties. This also includes events held by the guild; if you say you’re going to be there, be there. We won’t hold it against you if you can’t; RL comes first. We care more about the player than the game.

Honor. As you read earlier, this guild was founded by two Marines, and honor is simply one of our core components. Yes, we are a small guild, yes, we wreck people, but we don’t make a fool out of ourselves while doing it. We hold a very professional attitude, and killing someone professionally and in style gives just as much reward, if not more, then killing someone 30 levels lower than you over and over again. Griefing is something we frown upon, period. BUT, we do rather enjoy the occasional tea-baggery and dancing over a dead body bit, that much I rather enjoy. Regardless, we still show respect towards each other, as well as our opponents whom we intend to ruin on the battlefield. Yes, ruin.

Expectations as of now. What kind of applicants is Cleansing looking for?

We accept all levels of experience; what good is a guild if it isn’t teaching something? To Cleansing, a guild is more than just a group you play with to kill hard mode bosses, but rather, a living, breathing community. Why should we only accept those who have massive experience? That’s what guild leaders/officers are for. So you will certainly not be turned away if this is your first MMO. We are accepting all races and professions for Guild Wars 2, so come one, come all!

We want our applicants to most definitely be mature. I’m not talking about a “no fun clause”, but just knowing when to be goofy/funny/obnoxious, and knowing when to be serious. I’m most certainly all about being goofy and having a good time, but when it’s time to put the rubber on the road, I’m definitely all business, and that’s what I want to see from you as an applicant.

I want people to step up to the plate. If you DO have experience, try to make this place something you can help shape. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and insert some innovation into the idea that is The Cleansing. Constructive criticism goes a long way, and I most definitely encourage it. I’m not perfect, so anything you find that you think needs improvement, let us know. My door is always open.

Lastly, you NEED to be an avid voice chat user. We want this to be more, but at the end of the day, this is a guild. The reason this guild was formed was to play within a massive multiplayer platform. It kind of defeats the purpose if you're in a guild but not playing with anyone in it. I can only do so much, so I not only require Mumble, but heavily encourage you to utilize this VOIP, even if you don't have a mic. Get to know your family, have some laughs, enjoy yourself, because really that's what it's all about. The most fun I've had was hanging out with a bunch of my guildmates on Mumble. If you adopt our policies, you WILL be required to utilize it and you WILL have fun while you're on it. That's also a requirement.

Rank System. Here is our current rank structure:

Commandant – Leader

Officer Corps

Combat Strategist 1- PvP Officer*
Combat Strategist 2- PvP Officer*

Guild Tactician 1- PvE Officer/Raid Leader*
Guild Tactician 2- PvE Officer/Raid Leader*

Guild Ambassador- Alliance Liason*

Guild Tinkerer 1- Crafting Officer*
Guild Tinkerer 2- Crafting Officer*

Vanquisher– Guild Class Officers*

Member Roles

Eradicator– Guild Enforcer*
Gladiator– Senior Member of the Guild
Cleanser– Members of the Guild

Acolytes – All new members partaking in the trial period

* = Open Positions

Trial Period. Everyone will receive a 7-day trial period until further notice, or if a special case.

Backstory. Founded on the most basic of concepts, The Cleansing plans to bring new truth to an old story. Togetherness, interaction, camaraderie are all examples of what we built this group on, and what we intend on holding true for many years to come.

For more info, please visit our Website. Please take time to read our Code of Conduct, as you must agree to its terms to become a member.


-18 and older (although some exceptions can be made).

-We will not exceed 40 members unless a majority vote is passed by our current members.

-Do not apply if you do not wish to interact with potential guildmates.

- Role Playing is greatly encouraged, but only considered light in the overall scheme of the guild. I personally love it, and would welcome anyone else who is interested.

-PvE centric, but will also roll heavily in PvP.

-We are based in the North American Western region, but will whole-heartedly accept any international player who is willing to give us a shot, as long as that person speaks English proficiently and can play during the guild's respective hours.

-We make it our business to be a tight-knit group of players

-Active Voice Chat (Mumble)

-We REALLY choose quality over quantity
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The Cleansing Comments
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Not Set
Is ps4 players welcome too? They are not on the same server as pc and xbox...
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Are you guys on PS4 by chance?
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
We are PC only unfortunately.

We are back on the recruiting scene. Come check us out!
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