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The Coalition (Aldmeri Chapter)
The Coalition (Aldmeri Chapter)

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Yonwë Katariah.
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About The Coalition (Aldmeri Chapter)
Main Rulebook Guild Application
~Welcome All~

Hello all, and welcome to the The Coalition! We are an open and accepting guild for the game Elder Scrolls Online. The guild accepts those from every faction, alliance, race, or gender.


Because we are so open, it is anticipated that the guild could become fairly large. And so we will have a fairly large leadership body called the Tribunal. Each race will be led by one of their own, This person will act as a moderator and advice-giver for them. Should anyone have a suggestion, tell their moderator and they will present the idea to the rest of the Tribunal. Mods will also punish bad behavior and (possibly) reward those that excel. Three people will not only be moderators, but also handle the day to day running of the guild (one from each faction). One person, The Master of Coin, will be in charge of all the money the guild has- how to make it, how to spend it, when and where it is acceptable to stuff it in a hooker’s underwear... Was that out loud? Next up is your Ring Master. This person will handle communicating with the guild. They will be making website updates, facebook posts, and emailing guild members. Lastly is our Master Scribe. The Head Honcho. The Big Cheese. Thou Who Sits Upon The Porcelain Throne. This fellow organizes events in the guild- raids, PvP tournaments, any convention meetups, all of that. He keeps everything in check, and makes the final call on any decision that could affect the entire guild.


The point of this guild is not to conquer and pillage (Although we will do our fair share of conquering and pillaging). We are here to be a community. To be a place where members can talk to people outside their faction without squabbling over who is better. And so, here are some hopes for the future of our guild:

-To help those new to the game become better acquainted with the gameplay and those surrounding them.

-Make friends! However cheesy it may sound, friends make everything better... Even if they’re 4,000 miles away and you can only speak to them via chat.

-Have a meetup outside of the game, likely a little before and after a convention. See if the person behind the screen is really all they seem.

-When the time comes that we are powerful enough to do so, we will band together and try to push one person to the Ruby Throne. That person will be decided by vote.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Now don’t think that we won’t be doing any fighting; oh, we’ll do plenty of that. Of course, if anyone has suggestions or ideas, we are all ears.

The Following are the Leaders of the Guild:

~Master Scribe: Yonwë Katariah (Dunmer)
~Ring Master: Merilen (Altmer)
~Master of Coin: Gaeta (Redguard)
~Master of Trade: Shakti (Khajiit)
~Master of Recruits: Aerielis (Bosmer)
~Master of the Guard: Dragonheart (Nord)
~Smith Master: Drurk Gorzog (Orc)
~Master Spy: Shadowscale (Argonian)
~Master Alchemist: Leandria Purewillow (Breton)

Contact us at:
or Visit our Website: to apply
1. Follow the rules.
This may seem like an obvious rule, but there are people who attempt to weasel their way around it.

2. Be nice.
Don't be a jerk. We don't tolerate jerks. It will get you nowhere.

3. Obey the Leadership
Sometimes a Tribunal leader will ask you to do something, or stop doing something. Respect them and they will respect you.

4. Remain in Dress Code
This rule will not always apply. In TESO there are going to be “costumes” meaning any armor can be made to look like something else. Our guild will have a uniform for whenever we loot a cave/dungeon or enter the
battlefield. Also for any special occasions that might arise. NOTE: This will not affect armor ratings.

5. RPG
While playing games like Skyrim or Oblivion, it is fun to fully immerse yourself in the game and think as if you are really there and that you are the one running around and adventuring. This is a way many players prefer to play video games, so to respect their desires this guild will role-play while online. We will refer to each other by our character names and speak as if we are really there. Granted, speaking like you're in medieval times (“Doth thou haveth a moment?”) is not required. Most importantly, have fun while playing TESO.

6. Skype and Headsets
From what Paul Sage has been saying, it sounds like the communication in TESO is purely type chat. This would make it rather difficult to communicate in-game, so it is HIGHLY advised to have a Skype account. It
is completely free, however a download is required (don’t worry, it is safe, no viruses). Also all members will need to obtain a headset/microphone (guitar hero microphones will work) in order for us to be able to talk to you over Skype. The link for skype download is posted on the Guild homepage. However, if you choose not to use skype, during gameplay you will be completely lost.

7. Attendance
The Master Scribe is in charge of scheduling and planning Guild events. Events are mandatory unless a written excuse is e-mailed to or written in the Contact form on our homepage. Excuses must be valid. As TESO is indeed a game, we do realize that our members have a life outside of the Tamriel, therefore each member will be allowed 2 “I don’t feel like playing today” passes per month.These must also be e-mailed or sent via the Contact Form. Also, guild members currently enrolled in a college will be given more leeway due to the demanding schedules of college life (speak with the Master Scribe if you will need for that 2 days off per month). The Master Scribe will keep track of these passes and inform you when you have none left.

8. Disciplinary Action
All of the above rules will be strictly enforced. Anyone who breaks the rules will be handled as follows:
-First offense: Verbal Warning
-Second offense: Monetary Fine (In-game)
-Third offense: Ejection from the Guild

Please review these rules carefully and remember them while in the game. We do not want to punish our members, but we will when necessary.
Application for Membership
The Coalition

Please copy and paste this application into an e-mail or word document and send it back to



Country of residence*:

e-mail address*:

Character Name:

Character Race:


Which Elder Scrolls games have you played, if any?

Do you have any questions about our guild?

Places marked with this symbol (*) are required to be filled out, failure do so will forfeit your application
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