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The Cobalt Cloaks: Code of Justice

Started by Harlwystyr
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The laws and regulations maintained within the Cobalt Cloaks, generally modelled on the laws of High Rock, but with notable modifications. The Council of the Cloak serves as court in these matters, with the Keeper acting as scribe. A trial is heard by all present and available members. Accused parties are allowed to speak freely, though can and will be ordered gagged if obscenities or tirades or threats are sprouted. The offenses are split into three general categories:

Godfrowns: Assault on any public area, a vast majority of offenses that include property loss or damage, and certain activities of a personal nature that do not cause or lead to the death of the victim.

Deathseekings: Crimes that involve death in a direct nature, or threats to bring about death - this includes outright killing and other injurious behaviour.

Deceits, malices, and threatenings: The majority of lesser crimes such as fraud, bribery, dealing in stolen goods and so on. Punishment in this category can vary greatly depending on the offense.



Assaulting Public Areas:

This offense is defined by invading a populated area with intent to slay, pillage, or set fires; the crime of delibrately poisoning or fouling any food, water, or drinkable in the area; weaving spells to destroy buildings, property or cause multiple deaths. If the offender refuses arrest he or she will be killed on the spot; otherwise the conviction is death.

Aiding an Assault upon Public Areas:

This offense is defined by a member of the order knowingly providing intelligence or information to hostile groups - bandits, raiders, etc. - intending to damage or steal from the area, poison any supplies, or attack, kidnap, multilate or otherwise maim any citizen. The offender pays damages to the affected parties, serves hard labour, pays a fine to the area, and is then exiled and banned.


The offender is sentenced to death or enforced hard labour, depending on the damage caused be his or her criminal activities, then exiled.

Defiling Holy Places or Temple Theft:

The offender pays damages and serves a time of hard labour. He or she is then granted to the clergy of the temple for a period to serve labour there, before being banned from entering said holy site again.

Public Blasphemy:

Classified as denouncing the Eight as false and the worshipping of Daedric Princes. The offender is fined and imprisoned for a day.

Spellcasting before the Council:

This is not a crime if the accused has been given permission to weave spellcraft to prove evidence in the case. Otherwise, the offender is flogged and shackled, then imprisoned and fined.


The thief pays a fine as well as damages to any affected parties or victims, and is then shackled.


This regulation only applies to graves and tombs still in active use. The offender pays a fine and damages to the injured party - relatives of the deceased, for example.

Violation of the Order's Edicts:

Manual labour is enforced upon the offender at the direction of the Keeper or a Knight-Captain should the former be unavailable. This includes the reparations of bridges and walls, filling in potholes and washouts on roads, mending roofs and chimneys, shovelling snow in winter, or cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood. He or she is then fined.



Assaulting a Citizen with Injurious Results:

The offender pays damages to the victim and is sentenced to either hard labour or flogging and shackling. (A citizen is classified as one who owns land, pays taxes, or is under the law of the Daggerfall Covenant.)

Assaulting an Outlander with Injurious Results:

Offender is ordered to pay damages, and is possibly sentenced to light labour or a fine. (An outlander is any one person or race not associated with the Daggerfall Covenant on a non-hostile errand to the realm.)

Public Spellcasting Resulting in Harm:

Damages must be paid followed by a fine. The mage is sentenced to light labour for ten days and is then banned from returning to the area for a year. (Harm is classified as damage to people or property in any way.)


Should the offender be accused of willful murder, he or she is given a death sentence, but if the act is judged unintentional, the offender is flogged and shackled and then exiled. Justified killing (acts of defense of oneself or family) usually results in a heavy fine instead. Any slayings wrought to prevent crime is granted lesser punishments such as a fine.


Deceits, malices, and threatenings:

Attempted or Successful Bribery:

The offender is punished with light labour, a fine, and a ban from any further involvement related to the bribe.

Stolen Goods:

The fence pays a fine and damages, both vased on the Council's estimation of value of stolen goods.

Forgery - Currency or Any Documents of Legal Natures:

The offender is sentenced a term of hard labour and then imprisonment, and must also pay damages.


A fine as well as damages must be paid.

Preventing Justice:

This is defined by the act of hiding from the order during arrest, refusing to testify, or impending any attempt at working law within the order. The offender pays a fine and serves hard labour.

Impersonating an Officer or Member of the Council:

He or she must pay a fine and is then exiled.

Blackmail or Intimidations:

The offender is sentenced to paying a fine and any damages wrought, and is then shackled.


This crime is defined by parking any cart, wagon or otherwise movable object against any doorway or across roads in busy use so said areas become hard to traverse. The accused pays damages.

Resisting Arrest:

The accused is imprisoned for one day and is then shackled. However if deemed below physical condition - too weak to withstand the treatment - a fine must be paid instead.


The offender must pay a fine and damages to any injured parties.
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