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The Code: A Missing Page

Started by Nehemia
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The following excerpt is from an torn page found in an tomb by adventurers.
It is used as an evidence of Sir Horik, Thane of Riften in attempt to convince the Jaarl to take action.

The Code
Section Thirteen, The Fungus Feast

As of post-acceptance of the code. All members of the Foundation, including the Three and the One are to be obliged to strict discipline within the organization. Exception being the 24th day of the Evening Star, more precisely on the day of Chil'a. When the time tolls to the hour of Chil'a, the High Overseer will announce the Fungus Feast to begin. During the Feast, all sections of the code, exception being Sections one to five do not apply. Thus each member of the Foundation can set their quarrels, bed each others wives and feed from each others cattle. In unfortunate case of a death of a member, even through the hands of his or hers own kin will be forgiven. When the day of Chil'a ends, the High Overseer shall announce the Fungus Feast ended, and immediately after such notice, all sections of the code apply...
The rest of the text has faded away from the torn page.

Come, Unstoppable Eraser Rain
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