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The Code of the Cloak: The 11 Virtues

Started by Harlwystyr
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Daggerfall Covenant
A set of rules for all Cloak Knights to follow.

"On my life, may the realm endure."

1. Always respect and adhere to the law unless the law is wrongful.
2. Strive to invoke kindness and never be cruel.
3. Grant mercy to those that ask for it.
4. Speak truth and never lie.
5. Honour what's good and seek to halt injustice.
6. Show compassion to the weak, frail, and oppressed, and pursue helping them in any way.
7. Be charitable to others and give to those in need.
8. Love your realm, kin, religion, and uphold them in any way.
9. Always put the needs of other above the needs of yourself.
10. Live a noble life by Stendarr's virtues.
11. Avoid acts of anger; a cool head is in the right.
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