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The Cold-blooded
The Cold-blooded

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by Runar.
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About The Cold-blooded
Main Brutal
We are the cold steel that strikes in the dark.
We are the shield that protects.
Weare the hammer that crushes.
We are brothers and sisters.
We stand together, united as one.

And we will take what belongs to us!

We are.. The Cold-blooded!

We are all equals, brothers and sisters. We do not judge, we accept all who wish to fight by our side for what we deserve. We do not fight among our own people, we are one. We shall show no fear, we shall show no mercy. We will crush their defenses as we will crush their skulls on the fields of battle.

We are Scandinavians who can speak english, we play as much as we can and are willing to sacrifice alot of time to get where we want to. We play hardcore and not casually, we expect you to be able to raid and follow your commander in battle. We are very friendly and quite fun! We want to be as efficient as possible and accept no one who aren't experienced in MMO

If your not with us, you're against us. We play agressively and show no pardon. We Plunder and pillage wherever we go and wont show mercy to anyone who ain't an ally.

To anyone reading, this was made/written very fast just so we got the name we wanted and we intend to make it look more professional and have a custom logo and also a more informative and nice look.
Warriors of the North, brutal and cold.

We will aim to be one of the strongest guilds of the ebonheart pact and we will spend alot of time trying to get there.

We aim to get veteran MMO players who know how to play an MMO and be efficient.
We do not judge, you come from india or some arabic county? does not matter to us. as long as you are a part of the ebonheart pact we accept you (and ofc you need to be able to speak english)
We have just started this guild and we will make our page look better and be more informative, this was made just to get the name we wanted and we intend to go far. We have an official leader but we are trying to get so that all have same status and that no one get unfair benefits from someone else, the one who gets a rare drop (while raiding or with party ofc) or such will share it with his mates and we will together decide which one of us the needs it the most so that we together, as one unit. can become the strongest guild.
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