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The Companions' First March (poem)

Started by Grimhild Urdenheimr
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The Companions' First March

Whence above shined the Serpent,
Drawing men and mer forward
To stone-carving glaciers en masse;

Whence distant Aetherius,
From its unkindly window
Was furthest indeed from the last;

Met two armies uncounted,
They of men and mer dauntless
To shatter their lines there and fall;

Whence above shined the Serpent,
That drove enemies forward
To answer the Throat’s bloody call.

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Ebonheart Pact
A quite fitting poem to describe the first march of the Companions!

I'm assuming this refers to the 500 Companions in their bloody war against the elves. The addition of the sinister Serpent constellation watching overall gives the poem a very dark feeling to it. As if all the violence and deaths were destined to be, and came about through manipulation by fate itself.

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