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The contradiction of the sands

Started by vigk vagk v2
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
My character is as yet unnamed. However, the thread title is moreso a title for my character, and sometimes a fitting one.

She was born a commoner. No power or wealth to her name. While playing hide and seek with other young khajiit, she realized she had a real knack for it. Wanting to provide more of a challenge to herself, she started wearing heavy clothing that made it hard to hide and sneak by her friends unnoticed. Of course, the other khajiit thought this was extremely odd. Who would want to make their own lives more difficult? It made no sense.

When she became a bit older, 13 or so, she apprenticed herself to a blacksmith. Working the large bellows of the smithy, swinging the blacksmith's hammer all day, and shoveling coal made her physically powerful after a few years, but she had a slight over-eating problem giving her just enough fat to cover the defined muscles underneath. She rarely got in fist-brawls in the streets due to obtaining the image as the weird one earlier in life, but when it happened the other person was hardly anything other than a mound of bloody flesh. However, she liked to help others when they were having troubles in life. If something was their own fault though, it was extremely hard to find sympathy for them. Also, do they deserve sympathy in the first place?

Despite being a proficient blacksmith, she longed to make a real difference in the world. She wanted to be a warrior. She left the smithy before she was done with her apprenticeship at 16 to train in martial arts. She found a master, and he became a role model for her. However, his training was rather unorthodox. He corrupted her in many ways, making her get in more fights on the street to hone her skills. At times he made her kill people, making her do it in a stealthy way. She was told that the people she was sent to kill were evil. Although unorthodox, nobody was able to deny that she grew extremely talented under his tutelage. She even liked to wear heavy armor on these missions. She liked knowing there was a wall of steel between her and enemy weapons. Her master also taught her body and mental techniques to bring out a body's full potential, and some slight magic to help with killing her targets. Later she found out that her master was a member of the Dark Brotherhood and that the reasons she was killing was a complete lie.

She fled, and it's at this point that the actions of TESO takes place.

Age at start of game: 20

Personality: Kind and helpful, but has no sympathy for those who create their own problems because of stupidity. Likes to think with a clear head, and somehow always gives the best advice. Likes to feel powerful, but likes to maintain control within the power. Gets angry easily, but knows how to control her impulses. However, sometimes she sees her impulse control as a weakness because it stops her from doing things she wishes to do (like get in more fights). However, when someone physically threatens her, she feels like that's more than enough reason to not hold back. When she snaps, she definitely snaps. Dislikes the idea of killing for no discernible reason, but she can't deny she enjoyed the feel of it...

Appearance: Muscular, but a thin layer of fat covers most of the muscle definition. Definitely more solidly built than an average sneaky khajiit, but still has that agile look. She sometimes wears earrings, and likes to incorporate black-dyed patterns into her sand-brown fur. She doesn't grow out the hair on her head, like those khajiit from Cyrodiil like to do. She likes the sleek look.

Combat: Wears heavy armor, at least on her hands. Uses her fists and claws as weapons, but strong enough to use the heaviest of weapons. Has some buff/debuff magic and skills to overpower single opponents with ease, and excels at taking out individual targets on the battlefield.

OoC notes: I really hope fist-fighting is a viable option in this game. If not, I'll go two-handed. I'll be crafting a lot of armor and weapons, so I wanted her to have some kind of story related to that. The story allows her to, if possible, join the Dark Brotherhood because of her enjoyment of the kill. During the game I will purposefully contract lycanthropy, but only if you can decide when to transform (like in Skyrim). This appeals to her because it increases her strength and it feels to her like a physical manifestation of her anger. This gives her the way to let loose that she's looked for in her life.
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