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The Council of Magnus: AD: US: RPers for PVP/PVE

Started by Archmage Rythis
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
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About (IC):
We are a guild of Magic users which welcomes any race and all types of magic. We have a sister branch in the guild, The Knights Magus, who are the arm of our guild. We desire to leave the limitations of Mundus as Magnus has. To achieve this, we must first help our Queen accomplish her goals so that the rule of the Elven kind can usher in a better world that will help us to accomplish our goals. To this end, we will engage in battles within our borders (PvE) and and those in Cyrodiil (PvP) to claim the throne, as well as building a close knit social community among ourselves.

About (OOC):
This is a guild of RPers. We plan to do everything the game offers and, I hope, to grow the guild into a close knit community. The guild is structured in a way that everyone can find a niche. There are plenty of leadership roles in every area of the guild. Those who enjoy crafting can be a part of our Craftsmen division or if you enjoy PvP join our Army.

"Sithis, the embodiment of Anuiel's limitations created Lorkhan, the designer of The Trick. Mundus is The Trick and the imprisonment of the Aldmeri. As Magnus escaped Lorkhan's trick, so shall we transcend Mundus' shackles. We are Magi! We shall rise into the Aetherius and there we shall commune with Magnus and live in our fullest potential."

+Foil the Dark Brotherhood, worshipers of Sithis, in all of their endeavors.
-Never suffer a servant of Sithis to live.
+Eliminate the Daedra, and those who control and worship them as they are an affront to Order.
+Spread the truth of the creation of Mundus.
-Never suffer a Vampire or Werewolf to live.
-Do not steal from a fellow Mage. (Do not steal from a fellow Knight)
-Do not attack or kill another Mage. (Do not attack or kill another Knight)
-Never disobey a superior Mage. (Never disobey a superior Knight)
-Never summon the undead or Daedra, as they are chaos and can never truly be controlled. (Unless it is in furtherance of another Edict)
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Magnus has called. Will you join The Council?
Archmage of The Council of Magnus
Members of The Southern Brotherhood
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
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