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The Crimson Scars
The Crimson Scars

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by lucien lachance.
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About The Crimson Scars
Main Crimson scar history bases+known members
We hear the word of Sithi's and follow his eternal will. Molag Bal's forces grow ever nearer and we must take up arm's in the name of the Ebonhart Pact for our head sanctuary in Morrowind. We seek to make a member Emporer and spread the will of Sithis. No one can stop us no one will opose us when we march through Cyrodil with our heads held high and take the Ruby throne then all of Tamriel will know our name.

The vision's tell me many things but not what will happen in the near future i am not sure what is sithis will he is still and the Night Mother is silent.

Dear brother's and sister's I have tried to contact other like minded individual's throught the Sanctuary's but to no avail. If you can take up arms in our name we can crown an Emporer and take our rightful place as at the rulers of all Tamriel. The unholy Matron will guide our path and show us the way.

We are a hardcore Guild of Splinter Dark Brotherhood Vampires we are here to protect the lands of Skyrim, Black Marsh and Morrowind and its sanctuary's from those who would take them from us. Right now we take any Class, Race or Build but it must still be mostly assassin's. I do not with to limit the game experience and we can have any sort of experience for example player versus player, player versus environment, role playing (probably a lot), crafting and social interaction. We would like players with a wide variety of skills if possible but not essential so we don't have to limit crafting possibility's. Also we will use the Dark Brotherhood ranking system from oblivion.

-Must own a Pc or a ps4(possibly a xbox one if enough people wish)
-Be willing to accept any contract or Assingments
-Show Respect Toward other guild members
-Follow the five tenet's
-Be grateful for rank and reward for contract's
-Willing to take order's

How to join:
-send me a pm(private message)
-possibly post on this page
-email me(
-in game invitation if i believe you have potential you may receive an in game invitation from me to join the crimson scars
The Crimson Scars was a powerful vampiric organization that existed during the Second, Third and Fourth Eras. It was created and led by Greywyn Blenwyth, Tamriel's most powerful vampire assassin. The Scars originally split from the Dark Brotherhood and were founded in order to destroy and replace them as the foremost assassins guild in Tamriel. The Scars were ambushed by the Dark Brotherhood who had gotten word of the rebellion, and the Scars were dispersed. The remaining Scars fled with Greywyn and secluded themselves in Blackwood and the town of Weye.

Several years after contracting vampirism, Greywyn started to receive visions from Sithis. He thought these visions where Sithis telling him to claim the Dark Brotherhood for the vampires and the vampires alone. He secured the help of many of his kin, fellow vampires, and had them spread throughout the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood. Several months later, one of the members of the Crimson Scars, but loyal to the Dark Brotherhood, Silarian, made known the members of the Crimson Scars and their plans, to the Black Hand. The Brotherhood struck as they slept, not even giving the Scars a chance to fight back. Using their silver weapons, the Brotherhood managed to pierce the hearts of many of Greywyn's kin. They screamed as they fell and turned into dust. Greywyn himself was able to kill two members of the Brotherhood before being forced to flee.

Greywyn secretly retreated to Deepscorn Hollow, his old retreat and home when he was younger. After nearly a month none of his kin had returned to the fold. Greywyn was also disturbed because since the fateful night of the ambush and the slaughter of his vampiric brethren, Sithis had not sent him any more visions. While waiting for more of his kin to arrive, he hunted and killed more members of the Brotherhood, spilling their blood on the Deepscorn Hollow Shrine's altar to Sithis.

Several days later, Greywyn found Rowley Eardwulf, a fellow member of the Crimson Scars, at the Wawnet Inn. Deepscorn Hollow was by then fit to be the new base of the Crimson Scars. Rowley went about his dark work acquiring new furniture, resources, and contracts for the seemingly resurgent Scars. At this time Greywyn received a vision that disturbed him. It convinced him that Sithis did not want the Dark Brotherhood to be claimed by vampires. Seeing this, Greywyn found the Purgeblood Salts, and attempted to cleanse himself and the remaining members of the Scars of vampirism.
Deepscorn Hollow is the main base of the Crimson Scars, and is located in a cave. It has two entrances and consists of four sections.


The main entrance leads to the first section known as Deepscorn Hollow and is made up of three rooms. The middle room serves as a garden, which includes the deadly chokeberry vines of Morrowind. The room to the east of the entrance contains the Dark Minion's Victim Loot Chest. The room also houses the Dark Minion when he is not out fulfilling a contract. When he returns from his contract he will deposit the loot of the victims in the chest. The last room, to the west of the entrance, contains chests, crates, and barrels for storage. There is also a poison supply chest in the storage room. It contains a few weak poisons and many strong poisons.


The second section of Deepscorn Hollow contains three rooms once again, as well as the secondary entrance to Deepscorn Hollow. The first room is less of a room and more of an antechamber but contains two shelves and two benches. The second room to the south is the Font of Renewal, containg an obelisk in the middle beset by water, and in the northeast corner of the room several veins of Purgeblood Salts. The last room, to the west, is a small cave structure that serves as the cattle cell.


The Bastion consists of a library, bedroom, and dining room. The library houses over a dozen books, including three or four skill books. The bedroom contains a coffin, for sleeping in, a jewelry box, a desk, and a shelf. The desk has a respawning sprig of nirnroot. The Armorie is located in the bedroom as well.


The pinnacle of Deepscorn Hollow, the last section contains only the Shrine of Sithis. The shrine is activated by filling the basin at the base of the shrine with the Ichor of Sithis. Those whose nature is dark and infamous can pray at the shrine and be blessed by Sithis.

There are also several hidden sanctuaries throughout Tamriel including the high councils sanctuary in morrowind.
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The Crimson Scars Comments
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Hi if anyone wants to join just write on here if you want hail sithis!
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
quite a few have emailed me want to join that could be the best way
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