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The Crow and The Seeker (part I)

Started by Solduiran Long-Finger
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The Crow and The Seeker

The Riften air was crisp as Solduiran walked along in the marketplace. Stars twinkled overhead as the two moons waned. The stalls had all been closed for about an hour now. Other than a few guards Solduiran was the only man around, even if he was barely a man.

Solduiran was 18, two years younger than when he would join a rag-tag band and journeying deep into the heart of Skyrim’s tallest mountain. His identity was still fresh. “The Seeker” some called him in letters. It had been a title that his uncle, his father’s brother, had been given when he was alive and working as an information broker. The title of “Seeker” was passed onto Solduiran after the death of his parents.

The broker business was a little rough at the start but Solduiran seemed to have a knack for it. Memorizing fascinating things and researching the bizarre were right up his alley. He also took a liking to the large amount of contacts his uncle had gathered. These contacts were loyal friends, enemies of enemies, and the majority looked to gain something. Many times the gaining something was a precious artifact that had to be located or a valuable lost to bet, no matter they all came to the Seeker for many things they needed.

Solduiran though good at finding things was a little more challenged when it came to actually retrieving something. But that was all going to change sooner than Solduiran realized. He stopped to look at Secunda, the little moon, thought how funny the sky would look if there would be just one moon. His thoughts were broken when he heard a scream.

A women stood under the lamp light pointing as guards began moving quickly. A dark figure moved between the buildings where the women pointed. It seemed to moving in the direction Solduiran was standing. Moving to an alleyway Solduiran tried to intercept the assailant. He saw nothing. Solduiran turned around in time enough to have a person come crashing into him. They sat on the ground for a moment. The person who knocked Solduiran down wore a hood, and the could be seen from under them was a pair of big green eyes, much like those that Tari, a Redguard girl that Solduiran had fallen in love with on his journey to Skyrim, possessed. The two sat staring at one another.

“Thief!” the voice rang out again. Solduiran actually made a the word she said this time. The hooded being’s head whipped around and scrambled to get up in order to run away. Solduiran meet it. He stood about three inches taller than the figure and was just as lanky. Grabbing the sleeve of the stranger he yanked them into a small store that still had torches burning.

“Keep quiet.” Solduiran said as he pinned the stranger to the wall. He glanced outside to see if any guards had seen the two. A pair of guards passed after a few moments. The seconds felt like eternities but they were over before Solduiran blinked again. He glanced at the stranger who was still pressed against the wall as if they thought that movement of any kind would give the two away.
Solduiran grabbed the stranger by the collar and whispered, “Who are you?” the stranger shook violently clearly nervous.

A small voice from under the hood spoke, “I... I’m Krow.”

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