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The Daggerfall Exchange - Providing an Auction House to the Covenant

Started by Velius
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Daggerfall Covenant
The Daggerfall Exchange, the economic epicenter of the Daggerfall Covenant

With the absence of a traditional Auction House, it quickly became apparent that a player-organized center of trade was needed to provide a place to easily buy and sell goods to one another. The Daggerfall Exchange is the Covenant's answer.

Unlike a traditional guild, the Exchange is not intended to be a primary guild for players, rather it is intended to be a secondary or even tertiary guild in addition to whatever pve/pvp/rp/social/etc guilds of which you are a member. The sole purpose of the Exchange is player commerce.

The guild's in-game chat will function as a trade chat channel, allowing players to advertise loot and materials without the need to spam zone chat, and without being required to linger in a single area.

The online forums on our community site promote the advertisement of goods and services, negotiate trade contracts, discuss tradecraft, and even a section to advertise your primary guilds.

Last, but certainly not least, the in-game guild store will fill the role of Covenant Auction House, allowing you to easily buy and sell items to other players outside of your primary guild, and without the need to own a keep in Cyrodil to do so.

You hold the ability to join five guilds within TESO, with all characters sharing membership. Use that flexibility and arm yourself with a resource whose sole purpose for existing is to empower your characters.

Come visit us at The Daggerfall Exchange and fill out an application to become an affiliate and join our community. We look forward to having you.
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