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The dance of swords, prolouge

Started by Archmage Alator
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((This is a long set of stories I am planning on making, it is set in High Rock in the forth era a few years after the events of Skyrim. I will use characters and other things that I have created throughout the tale.))


Anton felt the chill wind of the night as he rode on the small cobblestone road. His eyes could glimpse things moving in the shadows as he passed a few trees and bushes. He shivered. You are a knight of Wayrest, not a child, so stop with imagining things. Anton thought to himself. However he did ride faster. His blue cloak flapped behind him as he by giving it a small push with his knees, his horse increased its speed. He could see Wayrest as a shadow in the night now, he saw the distant lights of the torches that the guards carried on the walls. The security had become much better after that Corsair attack thirteen years ago. He had been very ashamed of his part in the failure and that they had not been prepared. But when Uthyn Virane, the new king of Daggerfall had come with a strong host to reclaim Wayrest from those of the pirates that had been foolish enough to remain. He had welcomed his second chance with eagerness and an unfailing loyalty. Uthyn had then through a marriage bound togheter the kingdoms of Daggerfall-Camlorn and Wayrest into one nation. To make both of the two kingdom's Citizens feel like it was acceptable he had chosen Wayrest as his capital, the people of Daggerfall-Camlorn got satisfaction in that it was the Royal family of Daggerfall that ruled, and the people of Wayrest got the satisfaction that he ruled from Wayrest. Now he served Uthyn, and would do so until his death. He was glad that it was a good ruler that had gotten the power, Uthyn had proved to be excellent at administration. The man had even somehow convinced Evermore, Shornhelm and Northpoint to swear him fealty. With them joining he had formed a second Daggerfall Covenant, and adapted the old lion banner. High Rock enjoyed a wealth that had been seldom seen, and instead of in an unorganized fashion calling out some of the peasants to war. Uthyn had reformed the army so that a few peasants had the duty of feeding and upkeeping one Soldier. In turn, when the Soldier was not at war or training, he would help the farmers with their work. This had done so that Uthyn's kingdom had a very large standing army, one that also was quite well-drilled in the arts of battle. An owl roused him from his thoughts, he once again glanced out into the darkness.

Anton let go of the reins and pulled off his mailed glove on his left hand to wipe the sweat off his brow. He was ashamed that he still feared the dark after all these years. His hand went to his neck as he took up his amulet of Talos and held it in his hand. It was warm and as ever it made him feel more calm. Talos had never failed him, and luckily Uthyn did not share the Thalmor view when it came to Talos. But suddenly he heard a scream. He stopped and unsheated his blade. He looked around, the scream was heard again togheter with voices. He realised that it came from the forest, for a second he stopped for the forest was very dark. And the scream had made it seem even darker. He cursed and spurred his brown mare forward. He quickly but clumsily donned his helm that had been tied on his horse behind him, it was lucky for him that he did it fast, as just when he had donned it treebranches started hitting his helm with a savage Power caused by the speed that his mare had, the ringing inside his helm after it had been hit by a branch made his ears hurt. A squrriel fled in panic as he came thundered forward, he saw a fire in a distance and shadows moving around it. He had his blade in his right hand and his shield in his left as he came storming out into a glade. He gasped and cursed, and it felt like something was twisting inside his chest. In the middle of a glade laid two Bretons, one man and one woman next to a camp fire. But that was not what made him so nervous and alarmed. It was the fact that both were without heads, and the fact that beside them stood three armed High Elves. They wore leather armor and hoods, except one who wore official justiciar robes. He needed a second before finding the right voice and snapped, his fury boiling inside him ”By what right do you think that you can do this you cursed Elves? What say you in your defence!? Answer me!”

All six of the Altmeri eyes was full of loathing, and one of them replied ”By the right of the White-gold Concordat knight, mind your own buisness, knight. They were heretics, therefore we had legal right to get rid of them, and when speaking of heresy... Is there something that you would like to confess, knight?” Anton hesitated for a moment, and a moment was all the High Elves needed. The Thalmor who appeared to lead the group exclaimed ”Die Heretic!” and pulled out an elven blade and charged.

Now, however, Anton did not hesitate. He charged and shouted ”For High Rock, for the Empire!”. The Mer closest to him tried to kill his mare with a swing at it's throat. Anton caught the elven sword and thrust his own sword into the Justiciar's belly, through the leather. All Life Went out from the elf and he collapsed with a moan like a sack of flour. Anton was a knight and this was what he was trained for, he would not be so easy to deal with as those commoners had been. The second mer had moved to his other side, and delivered a savage thrust into Anton's horse. It fell just as Anton swinged his sword at the justiciar. It cut deep into the Altmer's side and the elf fell sideways, pulling Anton's sword from his grip.

Anton managed to pull away his right leg to the left side before the horse hit the ground, preventing it to get caught between the ground and the horse. He landed on his back, he Heard the sound of metal hitting something just Before all the air Went out of him. He struggled up to see the last remaining Justiciar sending an ice spike spell at him. He managed to raise his shield, and instead of impaling his chest, it impaled his shield and his arm, nailing him to it. A flash of light came as he was hit by magical lightning sent by the Justiciar. It burned into him and the last he saw was a pair of golden Eyes, staring at him with an overwhelming hatred.
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