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The Dark Brotherhood (AD/EU)
The Dark Brotherhood (AD/EU)

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Casual
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by Arquen.
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About The Dark Brotherhood (AD/EU)
Main Requirements to Join Ranks
Have you not heard of the Dark Brotherhood? Of the remorseless guild of paid assassins and homicidal cutthroats? Join us and you'll find the Dark Brotherhood all that and so much more. We are more than anything a union of like minded individuals."

The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of assassins who are willing to assassinate virtually anyone as long as the contractor pays enough for their service.

A member of the Dark Brotherhood must follow 5 rules known as 'The Five Tenets'.
The five tenets are:

* Never dishonor the Night Mother. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

* Never betray the Dark Brotherhood or its secrets. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

* Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a Dark Brotherhood superior. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

* Never steal the possessions of a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

* Never kill a Dark Brother or a Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

The Dark Brotherhood (EU) is a Guild not like the others. It will not be a Guild that will show name with the Guild name below. This will be a Guild with the members added onto Facebook, a hidden guild, and all members will be able to join another guild as well. Note that the Dark Brotherhood is always first priority.

As you play a part of the Dark Brotherhood, you can choose three perks. 1 Offensive, 1 Defensive and 1 Productive. This is so we can expand as efficiently as possible.
For example: Heavy Armor (Defensive), Two-Handed (Offensive), Smithing (Productive) or
Stealth (Defensive), Archery (Offensive), Alchemy (Productive) and so forth.

Note that we want this to be as lifelike as possible, meaning that if you die, you do die. Should you die, you loose your position in the Dark Brotherhood, and you will need to apply for the Dark Brotherhood again, and work your way up to your previous rank. Note that this will go a lot faster the second time than the first time. This might sound complicated, but we feel that this is the best way to keep it as real as possible.

The main thing that makes this Guild so special is that it will be an interracial Guild where races from all Factions may join. This basically allows members of the Aldmeri Dominion to be in the same Guild as members from the Ebonheart Pact and so forth.

Further Information: All who are part of the Dark Brotherhood will get everything they need, meaning shelter, food, drink, money, women/men, equipment etc.

You should also know that the Dark Brotherhood is not a playstyle, but a Lifestyle! The money we make from completing contracts, we store away in a safe location, together with every other treasure we obtain. This is used to expand our power as the Dark Brotherhood, and every player will be given a salary depending on their rank.

We will also try to find shelter for each member of the Dark Brotherhood, but note that the lower ranks might not get the same advantages that those with a higher rank will at first. We need to explore the whole of Tamriel before we make a decision on where to house our members. Basically we will need a place that can shelter up to 164 people, and that might be quite hard considering that the location must be hidden as well. But I have faith in our staff that they will find a suiting location, and the way we see it now is that we will find 4 locations, 1 for each Faction + 1 for the Black Hand (the loot, money, treasure etc, will be stored at the Black Hands Sanctuary, although equipment, food, drink etc, will be contained in each of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuaries.) Note that the equipment found in the Sanctuaries will be some of the best equipment made by some of the best smiths in-game.

Any further questions can me messaged to me, Magnus Fortis, as e-mail (to or as a message here on TESOF.

May Sithis be with you.
1. One must obey the Five Tenets at all time, unless you have the position as Silencer*.
2. One must always protect ones identity, to the common man, you are nothing more than a traveler.
3. One must always protect the identity of ones brother/sister.
4. One must have Skype and Facebook
5. One must love to kill, and be a cold-blooded murderer.

Note: There is only a limited amount of positions available, so if you want to keep your position, you have to keep up with the rest of the Guild.

We are looking to expand beyond the Ebonheart Pact, so that we could have a Dark Brotherhood in every faction, making the Dark Brotherhood even more of a threat. As a Dark Brotherhood enthusiast, I would like this more than everything, and I am positive that you want that too.

If you feel that you have what it takes to be part of the Dark Brotherhood, if you feel that you can offer us qualities that makes YOU uniqe, then apply for the Interracial Dark Brotherhood today, and be part of the strongest and most vicious Guild in the Game. As the only Guild who allows members from all Factions, we will strike a blow in the Heart of Tamriel and show everyone that WE are the true rulers of this earth. For as long as there is a King, there will be an Assassin to take him down!

You can apply for a position in the Dark Brotherhood by sending me an e-mail at:, or you can contact me on this page by sending me a message to my user-name Magnus Fortis (which will also be my in-game name)

These positions have been taken:
*Night Mother (yes we found a female to play this role)=)
*3 Speakers (There is still room for 1 more Speaker)
These positions are currently open: *We will decide what position you will get in the Dark Brotherhood according to your appliance. If you show great prospect and if you show that you have put great thought into your application, you will be rewarded with a higher position.
* 1 Speaker
* 4 Silencers
* 1 Keeper
* 3 Executioners
* 15 Assassins
* 30 Eliminators
* 45 Slayers
* 60 Murderers

The Guild/Clan will have a total of 164 members. We need no more, but we can have less.

May Sithis guide your choice.
1. Night Mother - This is the leader of the Guild who is contacted about all the contracts. Her identity will be known too everyone, and this is the person you will have to talk to, to arrange a contract. The Night Mother has to be a female. There will be only 1 Night Mother.

2. Listener - This is the second in command, who the Night Mother deliver the information too. The Listener then goes to the Black Hand with this information. There will only be 1 Listener.

3. Keeper - The Keepers job is to keep the Night Mother safe at all times, and will have to do everything in his/hers power to do so. There will only be 1 Keeper

4. Speaker - The Speaker is part of the Black Hand, and there is 4 Speakers. Their job decide whether the job is worth doing, and will speak with the player who contacted the Night Mother. The Speaker will then arrange a contract with that player. The player must also keep the Speakers identity a secret, if he does not, he will be killed. It is the speakers job to choose who will be sent out to execute a contract. There will only be 4 Speakers.

5. *Silencer - The Silencer is the Talon of the Black Hand. They are incredibly well trained assassins who does the bidding of their Speaker will. There is 1 Silencer per Speaker, meaning there are 4 Silencers as well. If a Speaker should die, the Silencer will take his/hers place. Note that the Silencer is above the law, and can kill a brother or sister if his master finds it necessarily. There will only be 4 Silencers.

**From this point on, the Dark Brotherhood will be split into 3 parts, 1 for the Ebonheart Pact, 1 for the Aldmeri Dominion and 1 for the Daggerfall Covenant. This basically means that there will be x3 on everything, making it 3 executioners, 15 Assassins and so forth.**

6. Executioner - His/her job is to recruit new members into the Dark Brotherhood and make sure that everyone follows the Five Tenets. If anyone fails to follow the five tenets, it is his/her job to punish that person. In worst cases, this can mean death. There will be in total 1 Executioner in each Faction.

7. Assassin - Assassins are highly evolved killers, and will be sent out on extreme missions. They do not have any officer position, and will life their life as the common man, until he/she is summoned. There will be a maximum of 5 Assassins in each Faction, and to keep this position you can never fail a contract.

8. Eliminator - Has the same job as the Assassin, although he/she is not as good. They will be sent out on above average missions. Again, the Eliminators will live the common life until he/she is summoned. There will be a maximum of 10 Eliminators in each Faction.

9. Slayer - Has the same job as the Assassin and the Eliminator, but is sent out on normal missions. The Slayer cannot life his life as he would like to, because he will be sent out on a lot of missions. There will be a total of 15 Slayers in each Faction.

10. Murderer - The easiest rank to obtain in the Dark Brotherhood, and it is a rank you obtain by joining. Murderers are sent out on easy missions, and do not need a lot of experience to keep this position. If you would like to get a position as Slayer, you will have to have a positive contract score. There will be a total of 20 Murderers in each Faction.

Note that your rank will improve as you successfully perform contracts, if you do the bidding of a superior and stay with the others. The highest rank obtainable will be Assassin, unless a superior dies. Should a Speaker die, a Silencer will take his position, the Executioner will become a Silencer, and an Assassin will become an Executioner and so on.

Also, the identity of the Black Hand will and must be kept secret from the rest of the Dark Brotherhood. The Assassins, Eliminators, Slayers and Murderers will be contacted by the Black Hand through the Executioner at each Faction. Secrecy is top priority!

*There is only 1 Black Hand which contains 4 Speakers, 1 Listener and 4 Silencers, the members of the Black Hand will be spread out between the 3 Factions making the Black Hand look something like this: Nord, High Elf, Breton, Orc, Darkelf, or something like that. (The Listener does not have a Silencer because the Listener is in a way a Silencer who belongs to the Night Mother, look at the Night Mother as the Thumb with the Listener as it's nail and the Speakers as Fingers with Silencers as their nails.)
*There is only 1 Night Mother who will control and/or inform the Black Hand
*There is only 1 Keeper who's job is too keep the Night Mother safe at all times. This must be a very active player who likes to play co-op and can work great with a superior officer.
*There will be 3 Dark Brotherhoods spread out between the three different Factions, who all answer to the Black Hand's commands.
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