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The Dark Chronicles
The Dark Chronicles

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by Dark Knight of the moon.
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About The Dark Chronicles
Guild Back Story: Our great guild began not to long the land of High Rock where a young Mage lived, studying the undead for as long as he could remember. The Mage went by the name of Mirin and was quiet a lonely lad in his Home town..this might of been due to the fact that his obsession with Vampires and other undead was so bad that he would have Vampiric dust and old Bones lying about his house. One day Mirin decided to try and track down a real life Vampire to try and kill it and do some research on the Vampires body and see if he could find any new discoveries. However this adventure was more then he could..Bite, when he finally found a lair the Vampires attacked straight away..hungry for blood they bit him everywhere and nearly tore him to shreds with there sharp claws and fangs…luckily Mirin managed to escape but three days later he had turned into the one thing he was the most interested in..a Vampire. At first he loved the new powers and abilities he was given with it..but as time went on he realized that his lust for Human blood was beyond the point where he could control he slaughtered his Home town that night. After that..he went crazy and hungry with Power..he slaughtered thousands and made an army of his very own Vampires…100 years later his..OUR Clan has grown stronger then anyone can possibly imagine, and with the power of the night at our finger tips and the lands now in war…it is OUR turn to show the world what true power means!

Ranks: Lord: Kazuki The Nightstalker (Me) This Rank is the highest in the Order and is the Leader of nearly everything the Clan does.

Fledgeling: A vampire who hasn’t been a vampire for very long and is still learning his/her powers.

Neonate: A neonate is a vampire who has not been independent for very long and there for still needs some looking after. Most Neonate’s and Fledgeling’s will always have to be around an older member when on missions.

Ancillae are vampires who have been around long enough to be viable for an independent mission and is able to handle there powers and use them quiet well and will usually be paired with a Fledeling and Neonate when on missions to see if the Anillae can be a good leader in a mission type situation.

Hunters: This Rank is for the Hunters of the guild who love to find nice hot spots for us to pray on. Hunters always bring back food for us to feast upon when they return from the nightly hunt.

Spotters: This is a guard type rank where your main duty is to protect everyone inside the clan..indoors and out.

Elders are one of the strongest of our Guild…they are the ones who have worked there way up and earned there ranks. Elders have the duties of teaching the lower ranks and being the Leaders on most missions. They are also responsible for picking good hunting grounds and bringing back Pray for us to feast on. The Lord will always have an Elder to accompany him.

Antediluvians: This rank is for the Vampires who have impressed the Lord so much that they have proven to be much more worthier then an Elder. Antediluvian’s are 2nd in command of the Lord. They mainly run the show and are responsible for everything the Lord is when he is not around. Due to how important this rank is it takes a long time to be promoted to this and even then you will be watched carefully by the Lord to see if you really are worthy enough of this title.


We are Power!

We are Strength!

We are as cunning as the night.

And as deadly as the moon

For when Daylight Fades

And the Black sky rises

So do we…to share our Dark Chronicle.


Obey the Lord.

Do not Rely on others..your downfall will be your own doing.

Do not do anything to Compromise our Clan.

Power is what gives you respect.

Requirements to join:

Can be part of any faction seeing how I will have a guild for each.

15 or above.
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The Dark Chronicles Comments
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Would you like an alliance for the Aldmeri Dominion guild?

Member of the Twilight Seers of Aquilas Domini
Foriel Barkwing- Bosmer Archer
Hodlin Fire-Sword- Nord Warrior
Amaund Storm-Quencher- Breton Mage
Clan Member of the Bromlokiir
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